SENSO token unlocks your virtual self

SENSO is the in-platform currency of Sensorium Galaxy, a digital metaverse that redefines the way people interact with others and experience the arts in digital environments

In collaborating with Polygon, Sensorium will be able to tap into a vast, sustainable and highly composable ecosystem.
Transactions in Sensorium Galaxy are carried out using its in-platform currency: SENSO. The company plans to attract more than 1.8 million users.
Backed by globally-acclaimed artists, SENSO token establishes Sensorium as a leader in the entertainment social VR market.
SENSO Gets Listed on Poloniex To Drive Crypto Mass Adoption Through Top-Tier VR Experiences
SENSO Tokens are the in-world currency of Sensorium Galaxy, a much-buzzed-about new VR "social metaspace"

Virtual currency, real utility

SENSO is at the core of Sensorium Galaxy. We expect to attract over 1.8 million users* by the end of 2022 paying for any activities exclusively in SENSO tokens


Make your avatar stand out with add-ons and special visual effects

Access unique activities (meet-and-greets with your favorite celebrities, and more)


Save with bundle offers on add-ons and effects for premium members

Full access to the media library for on-demand experiences

Experience arts

Get tickets to live shows of world-famous artists

Visit the galaxy’s top secret parties in VIP-only locations

Easy to get, easy to enjoy

Find SENSO in the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Get hold of tokens using Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, or USDT. Exchange your tokens for unique avatars and add-ons in our official store.
Current value
$0.06 USDT
Trading volume 24H
$0.2 M
Total supply (SENSO)
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Everything you need to know to get started with SENSO in literally no time.
What is SENSO?

SENSO is the in-platform currency of Sensorium Galaxy. All value transactions within this alternate universe are made through SENSO, which can be purchased on the Sensorium Galaxy website and/or exchanged in some of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Do I need to own SENSO to access Sensorium Galaxy?

No. Sensorium Galaxy is free to access and there is no need to purchase or hold SENSO tokens to enjoy this alternate universe. However, if you’re planning on customizing your avatar with add-ons or purchasing tickets to specific events, then you’ll need SENSO to pay.

What can I do with SENSO in Sensorium Galaxy?

SENSO allows you to pay for add-ons and special effects to make your avatars look even better, get tickets for your favorite events, subscribe for a premium account, and access on-demand content from the library.

How do I buy SENSO tokens?

Buying SENSO is a straightforward process. You can get it on Bittrex,, KuCoin, Hotbit & HitBTC.

SENSO Token Legal Disclaimer

Important Notice

SENSO token is not a security nor unit in a collective investment scheme or business trust. No regulatory authority has reviewed or approved any information in the White Paper. The publication, distribution, or dissemination of the White Paper does not imply that applicable laws, regulations, or rules in your jurisdiction have been complied with.

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No Representations and Warranties

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You represent and warrant that:

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  • You, your associates, your businesses enterprises (in which you are the beneficial owner) or family members, have not committed any previous criminal offenses, and that you have not used any proceeds of crimes or tax offenses (whether belonging to you or otherwise, and whether directly or otherwise) to purchase SENSO tokens.
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Financial Advice

No information in the White Paper should be considered to be business, financial, tax, legal or general advice to become a SENSO token holder. Any figures or financial projections are intended to be illustrative and for informational purposes only and must not be regarded as warranties or representations of actual or future results or performance.

Any purchase of SENSO must not be viewed as an investment to achieve returns but as a means to purchase items or conduct transactions in Sensorium Galaxy; and You are not a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) in any jurisdiction the sale or purchase of cryptocurrency is prohibited.