Sensorium Welcomes Joyfa As Strategic Partner

Sensorium ArcOct 20, 2023

Sensorium is thrilled to announce Joyfa, the AR-powered platform that enables brands and creators to generate new revenue streams by selling 3D items as NFTs, as its latest partner.

Under the partnership, Sensorium will be focusing on integrating Joyfa’s cutting-edge technological capabilities into Sensorium Arc’s NFT-focused and blockchain projects, including the creation of special NFT collections for Joyfa’s community.

In line with the goal of furthering Sensorium’s blockchain capabilities, a number of features powered by Joyfa will also be integrated into our products such as SENSO Dapp. In addition, both companies will also be exploring the use of each other’s technologies into their respective platforms, and supporting the development of a wide ranging initiatives aimed at uncovering new scopes of collaboration in the Web3 space.

“Joyfa will be an invaluable partner in taking Sensorium Arc to the next level, not just technologically but also in terms of the quality, creativity and utility that our platform can bring to the Web3 community. We’re excited to see where this collaboration will take us next,” says Alex Firsov, Sensorium’s Chief Web3 officer.

The partnership comes as Sensorium continues expanding the Sensorium Arc infrastructure and its unique Web3 offerings. In July, the platform successfully completed its first-ever major NFT initiative, with the drop of the SENSO Dapp Avatar collection.

Earlier, Sensorium had also unveiled its updated SENSO tokenomics.

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