New SENSO Tokenomics: Enhanced Use Cases with Jay Hao's Expertise

Sensorium ArcMay 23, 2023
Senso Updated Use Cases

Discover the evolution of SENSO token from being an in-game currency to a multi-purpose asset (membership card) that allows holders to access exclusive NFT drops, meme coins, and other valuable benefits within the Sensorium ecosystem, guided by the expertise of former OKX CEO Jay Hao.

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our updated tokenomics and a new direction for SENSO token within Sensorium's ecosystem as we keep expanding our ambitions.

We’ve come a long way since first introducing SENSO and our new strategy is a reflection of the direction we want to follow as well as a way of creating a closer engagement with our community.

Jay Hao, a leading cryptocurrency expert and member of Sensorium's Expert Advisory Board, has played a vital role in shaping our tokenomics to enhance value and drive growth across our Web3 platforms.

Speaking on this contribution, Jay noted that “by broadening the use cases of the SENSO token, we are contributing to a new paradigm of reward and inclusivity for the SENSO community while also helping Sensorium unlock the true potential of Web3 and blockchain technology.”

Our Evolving Vision for SENSO

We created SENSO back in 2018 with the purpose of making the token a key part of Sensorium Galaxy’s payments system. Since then, Sensorium has evolved to become a robust ecosystem of digital entertainment products.

With the ongoing development of Sensorium Arc, our decentralized arm, we’ve committed to a more comprehensive Web3 strategy that is able to meet the challenges of ever-evolving platforms like ours.

As a result, SENSO now plays a central role in fueling our ecosystem, empowering users, and offering them a wide range of meaningful experiences.

Updated Tokenomics: Key Focus Areas

We are approaching SENSO’s new economics with core areas of improvement are the forefront:

  1. More Versatility: SENSO is no longer just an in-platform token; it offers expanded usability. Holders can access exclusive environments, participate in loyalty programs, and explore new ways to derive value from their tokens.
  2. Loyalty Initiatives: We value and appreciate our SENSO holders. As a token holder, you will be rewarded with exclusive perks and loyalty programs as a token of our gratitude for your continued support.
  3. Broadening Participation: Holding SENSO tokens grants you a voice in shaping Sensorium's ecosystem and actively participating as a builder within our community.
  4. Releasing Exclusive Digital Assets: We are excited to release one-of-a-kind NFTs and other digital assets dedicated to our SENSO community, providing you with unique digital collectibles and experiences.
  5. Promotional Offers: As we approach major releases in the coming months, SENSO token holders will enjoy special discounts and exclusive offers, empowering them to fully engage with the Sensorium ecosystem.

SENSO Use Cases Within Sensorium Galaxy

Using SENSO tokens inside the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse will yield a number of new opportunities and benefits that weren’t available until now.

  • Membership Card: SENSO holders will gain access to different membership tiers, rewarding our most active users.
  • Royal Lounge Access: Enjoy performances as part of Sensorium Galaxy's public shows with more comfort and style.
  • Access dedicated lounges with Sensorium’s historical characters available across all public shows and users will be able to communicate and interact with these avatars without limitations.
  • Access to the Royal Cabin where holders can enjoy private and unique events amongst a close circle.
  • Dialogue with Artists: Engage in direct conversations with avatar artists performing in the shows, fostering a closer connection.
  • In-App Purchase Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on digital goods and upgrades within Sensorium's centralized platform.
  • Unique Badges: Show your commitment and participation in the Sensorium with customizable SENSO holder badges that your avatar can display.
  • Priority access to put on a public stage an avatar with dance movements created in the mobile application on a VR show.
  • Priority participation in the in-game rating of the value of characters.

SENSO Use Cases Within Sensorium Arc

With the development of our decentralized platform, Senso Arc, we’re putting SENSO at the center of all activities and transactions.

  • Collectible Drops: SENSO token holders will be awarded exclusive digital assets, including memecoins and a wide range of NFTs associated with our first concerts, digital and historical artists, and major Sensorium events.
  • Payments: SENSO becomes the primary payment method and engine within Sensorium Arc, allowing seamless transactions and access to various features and services.
  • NFT Minting: Use SENSO tokens to mint NFT avatars and plots of land within Sensorium Arc, unlocking new opportunities in the decentralized platform.
  • DAO Participation (coming soon): Holding SENSO tokens will provide users with the unique opportunity to participate in crucial product-level and management decisions, empowering them to shape the future of our platform.
  • Merchandising: SENSO token holders will have the opportunity to purchase unique Sensorium merchandise and collectibles, solidifying their support for Sensorium.

SENSO's Future

With a new path for SENSO, we are confident that we will be unlocking even greater opportunities for the token and creating added value for our community.

This is a vision shared by Jay Hao as he detailed his guidance and expertise in developing our new tokenomics.

“We’re unlocking incredible possibilities anchored on bringing new layers of value to Sensorium’s ecosystem. From accessing exclusive content and experiences to enjoying special privileges and acquiring unique digital assets, I have no doubt that the SENSO community will benefit greatly from the growth that the token is helping support”, adds Jay.

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