SENSO DAO is our way to make that a reality. Use your tokens to influence the future of the Sensorium Arc platform.

  • 01.

    More than community, decision makers

    A decentralized future is already here. Step into it with SENSO DAO — a mechanism that empowers you and all our community members with voting rights.

  • 02.

    Push your ideas to the finish line

    Our collective of SENSO holders can submit, vote, and decide on proposals that directly affect the development of Sensorium’s Web3 products.

  • 03.

    Do more with your senso

    Your tokens, ready for action. Aside from fueling the Sensorium ecosystem, SENSO now acts as a governance token. From design to features, there are no limits. Voice your iniciatives now.

  • 04.

    Powered by Snapshot

    SENSO DAO is built with Snapshot — a voting system based on the IPFS decentralized storage system. This off-chain, gasless, multi-governance solution powers DAOs for some of the world’s leading tech players.

Ecosystem integrations

Phase 1
Phase 1 Parvus
SG Mobile App
Phase 2
Phase 2 Magna
SG Mobile App SENSO dApp
Phase 3
Phase 3 Plenus
SG Mobile App SENSO dApp SG Metaverse

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