Year In Review: Sensorium In 2022

We ended last year with the promise that we would raise the bar in 2023. And that we did.

New beginnings, endings and re-starts, the world has seen it all in 2022, especially in tech. We’re finally talking more about the metaverse, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and, of course, crypto. The future looks exciting.

And Sensorium is leading the charge with the launch of some long-awaited VR and blockchain projects.

Here are some of the milestones we reached this year:

Metaverse streaming

In August, we premiered the world’s first metaverse streaming offering with the release of Sensorium Galaxy Metaverse Streaming, introducing viewers to our metaverse and our lineup of AI-driven music stars. Accessible from any web browser, the first Empyreal Parties will take you on a tour of Meteor Vortex, an otherworldly place where AI-driven DJs Natisa Sitar, Kàra Màr, and Ninalis host original performances.

Our AI performers can generate a constant flow of ever-changing music in 60+ different genres. Each AI-driven artist has their own signature performance style and a unique personality. When offstage, Sensorium's performers will be permanently available to communicate with fans via text chats and video calls in the Sensorium Galaxy mobile app.

In upcoming events, Sensorium users will also be able to embark on an exploration of the PRISM world and the Meteor Vortex in VR mode.

For now, however, you’re able to have a preview of what the full-fledged version of the metaverse will look like with our hour-long metaverse streaming parties.

AI Avatars

A year after our AI DJ Kàra Màr made history by becoming the first of its kind to release a full album, we have kept giving our virtual artists bigger stages to perform on - in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse and (hopefully) beyond. But our AI-powered avatars have much to offer. You can interact today with an intelligent virtual being through the Sensorium mobile app, which has now 155 thousand registered users, where you can freely chat with AI avatars about whatever topics you want to discuss, via interactive text and video chat. And if you’re feeling a bit more creative, why not put together an incredible dance routine and let the avatar perform it in augmented reality? These are just some of the features released in 2022, but we expect to soon add many more incredible capabilities to the mix.

Edging closer to the first VR concert

Creating a metaverse as complex and detail-oriented as Sensorium Galaxy is a painstaking process. We’re dedicated to delivering only the most outstanding experiences virtual reality can enable and it’s been a long road to finally launching Sensorium Galaxy. But we’re almost there. Just ask dance music icon Carl Cox. In the latest issue of MixMag - whose cover features Cox’s avatar created by our team - the famed performer details his experience in working with Sensorium and describing the metaverse as a “perfect playground for me to explore the new virtual realm. In the metaverse I can break free from any physical limitations. With almost no limits, I can shape an interactive performance around my music and unleash new opportunities for the audience to engage with me in this digital environment.”


Community is at the very center of Sensorium and we want all of the users to know they’re been seen, heard and understood. That is why we launched SENSO DAO, which allows you to influence the future of Sensorium’s projects. More specifically, our DAO enables SENSO holders to submit, vote, and decide on proposals that directly affect the development of Sensorium’s Web3 products. While this feature remains in Beta mode, you can expect SENSO DAO to enable a broad community impact in our entire ecosystem very soon.


As a Web3 company, we’re focusing on bringing the capabilities of blockchain technology into new arenas. With that in mind, Sensorium kicked off the development of SENSO DAPP, a platform that will enable users to mint NFT avatars and engage in exciting play-to-earn mechanics powered by SENSO tokens.


Metaverse real estate is one of the hottest trends in Web3 and we didn’t want you to miss it. UNDER is an upcoming virtual land platform featuring NFT parcels with built-in game mechanics and an extensive upgrade system tied to original play-to-earn games. UNDER PLAY, our project’s gaming library, is set to include a vast range of casual P2E titles, which will be regularly updated to include latest releases. We plan to release a total of 100,000 parcels for players. Each plot will feature in-built games enabling the mining of valuable resources. You can find the details here and join the waitlist ahead of the 2023 launch.

New Dubai Office

Back in October, the company announced the opening of a new branch in the United Arab Emirates. The new office in Dubai, located at Opus tower in the Business Bay district, now serves an operational and strategic development hub of the Sensorium Galaxy brand and Web3 company verticals. With this initiative, the company capitalizes on the increasing metaverse opportunities pushed by the Government of Dubai and its Metaverse Strategy.

Last month, we teamed up with Polygon Studios to help Sensorium accelerate the development and deployment of Web3 projects. The Polygon network is already powering some of the world’s most promising Web3 applications. Their focus on scalability, security, and compatibility makes Polygon an excellent platform for building sustainable and user-centric products.

That aside, we have also acquired NFT-focused blockchain Wakatta as part of an M&A deal. Building upon the foundation set by Wakatta, we intend to further develop Sensorium Chain — a single-token solution that enables you to pay with SENSO for metaverse assets and exclusive content, mint NFTs to protect their creations, and earn while playing exciting games across our products.

With the pandemic finally out the way, we’ve kept busy meeting with industry peers and sharing the experience of building one of the world’s most advanced metaverses.

At SXSW, Sensorium’s Deputy CEO, Sasha Tityanko, unveiled the first-ever VR concert headlined by AI-driven DJs and allowed the audience to interact with our metaverse’s VR environment. She also took part in GITEX 2022, where she once more showcased the advanced capabilities of Sensorium’s AI artists, as well as embarking on joint talks on the topic of music making in the metaverse and the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of the industry.

Elsewhere in the world, Sensorium took part in one of the world’s foremost Web3 conferences, DCENTRAL Miami, where our Chief Web3 Officer, Alexander Firsov joined a panel dedicated to exploring industry’s landscape and future opportunities under the topic ’Unlocking the true potential of metaverses’. And just a few weeks ago, we were in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to attend the 6th International VR Awards, where Sensorium stood nominated for VR Experience of the Year and Innovative VR Company of the Year.

With so much happening this year, we had plenty to write about. Here are some of the posts our community enjoyed the most in 2022:

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Growth continues to be the driving force of the Sensorium ecosystem. In the twelve months ahead, we are planning to amp up our product and partnership efforts to lead the metaverse race by focusing on innovative applications of artificial intelligence.

With the recent release of ChatGPT, the world has witnessed a new phase of AI where communications have become even more natural and human-like. It is our belief that AI will play an essential role in the development and mass adoption of metaverses, assisting users with their every need, pushing the boundaries of their creativity and helping them leave a legacy that will be forever available in the virtual realm.

In 2023, that belief will become a guiding principle of our roadmap. Social AI, content diversification, true ownership, and digital immortality will be central components of our growth and expansion strategy.

As we prepare to ring in the New Year, we thank you for being part of our community and supporting us on this path towards the future of digital experiences.

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