Top VR Sports Games

Sports are by far one of the most popular categories in gaming. And there's a good reason: they're fun to play, especially with friends. Virtual reality elevates the whole experience of playing sports games by actually pushing you to move something else aside from your fingers.

This article introduces you to an ultimate list of VR sports games you can enjoy alone in your living room or as party entertainment. And since we all have our preferences, we have divided the list by sports so you can easily pick a game that aligns with your taste.

So look for the category you like the most and try our recommendations. Maybe your favorite sport is now part of the virtual reality landscape. Some of these games accurately represent real-life sports, while others present you with a futuristic twist on golf, tennis, and more. Get moving!


For gym fans, there is a genre that takes these exercises to a new level. From expanding your horizons by running in the field or biking on virtual mountains, these VR games combine new scenarios and exercises that will take the word sport to a different level. Also, virtual trainers can guide you during play. You can find these titles on Meta Quest and other platforms.


Supernatural is one of the top sports VR games looking to revolutionize the meaning of fitness. One of the main attractions of VR sports games is visiting new places and the capacity to go on a free roam. Supernatural takes you to incredible places accompanied by your favorite music. You can make training routines that could help you to keep you in form. Maybe you go to the gym, or you are on a team of football, baseball, or even tennis and want to keep being in shape.

With four different game modes, it manages to have different sports necessary to keep you active and motivated. With high-quality graphics, gorgeous stage design, and a soundtrack you'll love, Supernatural is our first game recommendation for your Oculus Quest.


This VR sports game aims to help you achieve your goals by creating easier access to workouts and coaches that help you perform at your best. While playing HoloFit, you can connect with anyone in the world who wants to join your training. You can make VR cycling, skiing, and rowing.

The game has many play modes, and these exercises can help you to keep in form to keep practicing your favorite sports. The environment is virtual, but the results can be seen in real life.


When you try FitXR, the first impression is focused on making exercise accessible and fun for everyone. Regardless of your fitness level, this VR game has various exercises created. Enjoy this virtual reality game released in 2019 by FitXR.

Not only the exercises are its attraction, but also the music of the most popular artists. Among the types of classes offered are; boxing, HIIT, and dance. You can play this game on meta quest.


Focused on cardio exercises, VZfit takes you to every corner of the world from the comfort of your home. This sports title offers you challenges and rewards, from badges to cosmetics. You can explore the world on free roam while you exercise. The game, launched on 2021, is one of the latest and best sports games.

This VR sports game allows you to take a walk through the streets of different cities through Google Street View technology. Plus, the whole family can play and track their stats individually.


Among all VR games, OhShape offers a unique rhythm experience. Exercise your body with rhythm avoiding obstacles or breaking them. This exercise method not only elevates your physical activity but also pushes your coordination to the limit. OhShape offers training very useful for football players. All this while you play and enjoy your favorite music.

You can customize the music you hear during game levels. Or download Caravan Palace add-on content. Start playing, and you will exercise without realizing it while enjoying the experience. This is one of the best VR sports games, either solo or in a party mode, where you can compete with your friends.


VR games dedicated to fighting fans are one of the most impactful. For many years, the thrill of fighting has taken over many competitions. Many of them have reached legendary levels. And now they're part of virtual reality.

You can be part of those legends. You and your friends can prepare your VR Headsets and start the thrill of the fight or the practice mode. Set your team's goal and reach it.


With this game, movement is assured. Follow the rhythm of your instructor and compete against other players. You can exercise from your living room on your Oculus Quest. This experience focuses on body combat, so grab your VR headsets and follow your teacher's advice.

The style of play and exercise is fluid. Inspired by martial arts and boxing. From beginner to advanced levels, it has 30 exercise plans that will help you complete your goals. In addition to the music in the routines, you can enjoy playing in various landscapes and environments.


Fun is guaranteed in this ninja-themed VR game. With six different play modes, each with a different weapon. The scoring boards increase in difficulty so you can test your skills.

Accompany the fighting experience of a ninja with different difficulty options. There's no running away. There's no hiding. You must fight! You must be prepared to be able to defend yourself in 360 degrees of action. Also, you will play boss battles that can be found throughout all levels. Be the best and play the daily challenges. You can play this game in meta quest two.


Of all the popular boxing games, this is undoubtedly the most emblematic. Creed: Rise to Glory challenges you to follow a path full of challenges to be the best boxer. This is not just a game; it's a story to tell. In addition to its single-player story mode, you can also choose a customizable mode and a training session.

It has a multiplayer game mode, where you can choose your champion. Multiplayer options allow you to have fights with your friends or find opponents online through Quick Match cross-play.

With the Phantom Melee Technology, you can feel the effects of hits in real life, with sensations such as fatigue or getting knocked out.


This game is pretty straightforward of all the popular boxing games, this one focuses on technique. You need to react fast, block hits, and then attack. So The Fastest Fist provides a direct experience, a training room where you can improve daily.

Play all the exercises and increase their pace to increase the challenge. With each session, you will improve your level of reaction and resistance. The game will become more and more intense, so it is recommended to take periodic breaks.


From the retro world comes this VR game capable of modernizing one of the most played arcade fighting genres. This game transports you to a dangerous city, where you must fight against the local gangs.

With designs following the aesthetics of the 80s, multiple skill levels, and weapons to discover, Path of the Warrior takes you on a single or multiplayer adventure. In this gameplay, use your fighting skills to have fun.

The action is fluid and constant. Put on your Oculus Quest and exercise in the most fun way possible and face crime following the warrior's path.


Boxing continues to be the protagonist in this list of games with The Thrill Of The Fight. This game takes VR boxing to a higher level of realism and authenticity. Compared to the real sport, this game requires a minimum area where you can move to perform the different movements. The workouts of Thrill Of The Fight contain styles and techniques to evade realistically, block, and counterattack. Set the limits of your Oculus Quest so you can safely practice and throw your shots. It can be played in oculus quest.


Music games are based on rhythm. Maybe some will think these are not sports games. Perhaps, in the beginning, music-based games had little activity, but since the first dance games began, this has changed.

Now more than ever, they have several things in common. A level of effort that causes the body to start using a large amount of energy. And, of course, the more you play, the more you develop physical endurance.

These unique games manage to motivate physical activity using various tasks. Playing led to sports development in real life, and in virtual reality games, the same seems to be happening.


Beat Saber became one of the iconic music games. This Virtual Reality rhythm game was developed by the indie studio Beat Games. Originally available for Microsoft Windows and Play Station 4, it has increased the platforms where you can find it; you can play it on Oculus Quest.

Its game mechanics is to make cuts with lightsabers to the blocks that appear on the screen. It started as a flat-screen game but was quickly adapted to virtual reality. Its simple in-game mechanics, the ability to meet challenges, and also challenge your friends have given it great fame.


Music and rhythm come together to move your body. Like other popular games, playing Audio Trip consists of catching gems, riding ribbons, smashing drums, and dodging barriers. During 84 levels, you will move your body and exercise to the rhythm of 21 music tracks. Some artists are Skrillex, Zedd, deadmau5, Lady Gaga, Tiësto, Psy, and more.

Customization is also available in this game for Oculus Quest. You can add custom tracks and create your choreography in the VR editor. Some other game modes include Cardio mode, cross-platform group challenges, and different modes such as 'Comfort Mode,' 'No Fail,' 'Custom Colors,' 'Scenery Only Mode,' and more.


This game returns wholly redesigned from the ground up for its VR version. His goal is to be the best nightclub experience for Oculus Quest. In Dance Central, you play as the soul of the party; You can enjoy a soundtrack of 32 tracks from different eras. It only has two levels of difficulty but also several choreographed routines for each of the dance floors.

One of the main features that were added to the game is the online synchronized multiplayer mode. You can customize your appearance and see the appearance of other players. A cell phone-shaped menu lets you change tracks or take an in-game selfie with your dance partners.


This game has you moving to the rhythm of hitting, dodging, and demolishing. Your path is full of obstacles to knock down and challenges to overcome. The levels you pass will become increasingly difficult. Each of them will help you train your reflexes, endurance, and strength. Qualities that could help a football player.

You can control the difficulty to have a good time or turn the level into a real challenge comparable to a training session. The game has an excellent soundtrack, but you can also use your music.

You can find it for Oculus Quest and other VR Headsets like Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Synth Riders is not only a music game but also an action game. Enter this tunnel of neon lights and aesthetics of the 80s and test your physical condition and reflexes. The game supports custom music tracks and a catalog of 56 built-in tracks from various genres.

Also, you can add the DLCs of bands like Muse, The Offspring, Caravan Palace, and many more bands. It has a multiplayer mode for up to 10 friends online. Even being from different platforms. Its design evokes other VR games like Echo Arena and Echo VR.


For those players who are looking for a game filled with adrenaline and an interesting story, instead of just sports, the following games are for you. The thrilling experience of battle and covert operations, or even archery and shooters.

Focused on different rhythms of action, each of the following games fulfills its mission to entertain. Some have mechanics that require greater mobility, but all of them will take you through different scenarios and a great adventure. You could think of these games as other sports games.


If you want a VR experience, this game is one of your best options. It's not exactly a sports game at first glance, but it has some elements. Until You Fall is a game inspired by the hack-and-slash genre.

These fights are carried out with various weapons, which have a weight simulation, this makes the experience different for each of them. The procedural level system makes the levels more varied as you progress.

Destroy your enemies while listening to a synth-wave soundtrack. It has a system of spells and attacks that you must combine to defeat your enemies. Until You Fall gameplay is intense and fun, in which you must stay active to survive.


As its name suggests, it is a VR game focused on stealth and infiltration. In this game, you are a Phantom, an elite covert operative with one night to prevent all-out war. The gameplay mixes stealth, infiltration solving situations, and even a bit of gun action. At other times, you must neutralize enemies in creative ways, but all while staying in the shadows.

Not a sports game but requires more strategy and patience than the previous ones to complete the campaign. It has unlockable content, achievements, and more. The game is optimized for Oculus Quest but also features cross-save, cross-play, and Link support.


In Death has been listed as one of the most difficult games in VR and the best archery game in VR and is available in its latest version for Oculus Quest. It has updates for seasons, tournaments, skins for weapons, and other updates. The battle takes place in medieval fantasy castles; you can stick your arrows into forsaken souls and angelic creatures that have taken over the afterlife.

The skill that the game requires increases with every new level. It features mysterious and procedurally generated worlds with infinite replayability. You can battle the three epic bosses in-game. Explore multiple secret areas to unlock extra loot.


This Multi-award winning game that began as an exclusive to Play Station is now available on other platforms such as Oculus Quest or Microsoft Windows. This VR shooter experience is one of a kind. SUPERHOT VR does not have health bars that can regenerate. However, ammunition is not conveniently placed on stages. It's you versus a VR world that is against you. You must use all the resources and those that your enemies leave once they are killed. Whether with firearms, stage objects, or your fists, you'll need to fight through each level of Superhot VR.


This is another game that is not a sport. You, instead, will need to board and lead your Viking ship to the rhythm of metal. For rock and metal fans, this is the game you will enjoy for its fast beats and soundtrack. Travel through the stages, beating your drums to the rhythm of Celtic rock to Viking power metal, and set sail against your rivals in multiplayer mode. You can unleash your energy in solo or multiplayer mode while the electric guitars accompany you on your adventure. The game mechanics are simple and powerful. Hit the drums with your hammers to the beat of songs by Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Gojira, and many more.

It also has a multiplayer PvP mode that makes you face off in real-time with your enemies. Enjoy the settings influenced by the Viking culture.


The experience in Swords of Gargantua is full of adrenaline. An excellent sword-oriented VR action game. You can take on the adventure alone or with three other players to delve into the Tesseract Abyss. The team's objective is to reach the top floor of the abyss to face the giant, Gargantua.

In each of the battles, you will improve your arsenal to have the opportunity to defeat Gargantua. You can use voice chat to communicate and coordinate with your team. In addition, with the optimized sound and the scenarios, the game becomes an immersive experience.


Pistol Whip is an unstoppable VR action-rhythm FPS. The journey is full of gunshots and excellent music. Pistol Whip takes the action VR experience and gives it a cinematic twist. Play various scenarios called "scenes," with a wide variety of music, settings, enemies, and stories.

Each scene is like a small action game with new mechanics, completely own styles, and an epic battle with the boss of the story. Feel that you are the protagonist of your movie. Mainly focused on an arcade style, the gameplay is excellent, and you can repeat the scenarios repeatedly.

Pistol Whip does not have a multiplayer mode, but you will enjoy it and be able to move at your own pace through the scenes that have been prepared for you.


In the following honorable mentions, we will see more unique sports games. For example, snowboarding, tennis, and other sports games are popular among many people in the gaming community.

There are a lot of sports VR games on the market. Making a list of all of them would be almost impossible. Many of these games are unique in their style, and others are the best sports games in the opinion of a very special group of fans of the gaming industry.

The objective of this game search was to provide a list of the main games, but in the following mentions, it is worth naming some games by title. Maybe on the next mention, it's your favorite game.

You could check Echo Arena and Echo VR, two futuristic games. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed, Totally Baseball. Play a golf course in Golf Club VR or Walkabout Mini Golf. If you want traditional tennis, Eleven Table Tennis it's your choice. (If you are into VR football, 2md: Vr football unleashed is highly recommended, but if you are into golf games, Golf Club VR is a great option).

And for all those games involving throwing things, you can try the mode "ultimate frisbee" on the game Zero Gravity, Premium Bowling, ForeVR bowl, and ForeVR Darts (zero gravity and ForeVR bowl are highly recommended).


The Climb 2 brings you the thrill and adrenaline of real-life rock climbing. Not only that, but it adds to the game a new environment, the city. You can climb various scenarios with challenges at every step. Climb mountains are the main show, but there's a lot this sports VR game has to offer.

The environments are detailed, with stunning views that will take your breath away. You can climb skyscrapers, great peaks, and even caves. Each of the scenarios has different challenges. The mechanics are fun, and playing it in ropeless mode increases the adrenaline thanks to the level of immersion.


Snowboarding is an extreme experience. Now in VR, you will enjoy playing at speed like never before. Carve Snowboarding features two unique game modes. First, show off your speed in Time Attack game mode or become a trick master in Freestyle mode.

The game features a wide variety of gear to help you on your way through the snow. Unlock gloves, boards, and even new music tracks to listen to as you explore all the scenarios it offers. You can also relax in your cabin while you check out all your gear for your next adventure. And yes, you can pet your dog.


Tennis is one of the most practiced sports in the world. It was to be expected that he would leap to virtual reality. With Racket: Nx, you will face challenges and test your limits with the ball. The game places you in a glass dome, the walls will light up, and you have to eliminate them with the ball. Use the tractor beam of your racket to draw the ball back.

The game features two single-player modes, a campaign, and an endless mode. In multiplayer mode, it has versus mode, a version closer to tennis, and co-op multiplayer with support for multiple platforms. Like many other games, you can add your music to the game.

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