15 Top Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

AIMar 15, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making in-roads into more and more areas of our day-to-day lives in recent years, but the arrival of ChatGPT has made more waves than any of its predecessors. Before now, AI has missed the mark in many ways. From robotic-sounding, repetitive text to AI self-portraits that give humans more teeth and fingers than we care to ever see again, AI has struggled to sound authentically human. ChatGPT has, however, changed the game. But what exactly can you do with ChatGPT? In this blog post, we’ll be exploring 15 things you can do with ChatGPT to optimize your workflow, increase productivity and much more.

What is ChatGPT?

You’ve probably heard about it in passing but if you’re not entirely sure what it’s all about, let’s fill you in. ChatGPT is a revolutionary natural language processing (NLP) chatbot created by OpenAI. It uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to generate conversations that sound more human-like than other chatbots. It can answer questions on almost any topic whether it be math, science or philosophy by gathering data and presenting it in a conversational style. The goal of ChatGPT is to create an AI-driven conversational experience for customers and businesses.

How To Download ChatGPT

With an app in the works, at present there is no official ChatGPT app so if you find any in your app store, consider them fakes. You can access ChatGPT via their website for free or download the files from GitHub. You can add the webpage as a shortcut on your browser so it is quick to access ChatGPT every time you need it.

How To Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a textbox where you can type in your query. At present, the system works better when you input a statement as opposed to a question. For example, instead of asking ChatGPT, ‘How is wine made?’ you can instead input, ‘Explain how wine is made.’ This seems to produce a more detailed response.

Real-World Use Cases of ChatGPT

Now that you’re up to speed, it’s time to dive into how ChatGPT can help you stream processes in your business and personal life.

1. Write a Cover Letter

Whether you’re a freelancer or currently on the hunt for your next big career move, applying for jobs can be a tiring process. It is exhausting and time-consuming compiling a new cover letter for every job you apply for. Enter ChatGPT, your new best friend to automate the task of writing tedious cover letters for your job applications!

2. Compile an Essay

We’ve all been there…tomorrow morning that paper on Shakespeare is due and you’re yet to put pen to paper. You know you’re not going to finish it by class even if you work all night so either you fake a life-threatening illness or accept your grade is going to take a serious knock. With ChatGPT, there is in fact a 3rd option! While the jury is still out on the ethics of using ChatGPT to write essays (because let’s be honest…who’s getting graded, you or the AI?), instead of copy-pasting an entire AI-generated essay, you can use it as your research assistant.

3. Solve Coding Errors

As a developer, there is very little that’s more frustrating than encountering a coding error you just can’t crack. The website is giving the blank screen of death, the client is angry and you’re scratching your head looking for answers. You can in fact show ChatGPT the error you’re encountering and it can successfully help you get down to the root of the problem. Of course, the accuracy of the answer is reliant on how well you prompt the bot but with enough context, developers have been able to quickly sort out coding issues thanks to ChatGPT.

4. Explain Topics in Layman’s Terms

If you’ve got to unpack a complex topic where there are a lot of technical terms and industry-specific jargon, it can feel like you’re reading Greek and be totally overwhelming for even the freshest of minds. ChatGPT can help you by explaining complex topics and terms in simple terms to help you get to grips with scientific theories, legal terminology and more a whole lot faster. So how exactly can you prompt ChatGPT to come up with the answers you need in this case? Try a prompt like, ‘Explain the theorem of pythagoras like I am 8 years old.’ You wouldn’t believe the mind-blowingly simplified answers ChatGPT is able to produce based on these kinds of questions.

5. Solve Mathematical Equations and Problems

Boy do we wish ChatGPT was around when we were doing 12th grade algebra. ChatGPT can help you solve math problems by providing step-by-step explanations and solutions. It can easily understand your input and provide accurate, detailed answers that you can use to better understand the problem and get it solved quickly.

6. Be Your Very Own Agony Aunt

Whether a friend or lover has let you down, sometimes you wish you could get some impartial advice without having to pay your therapist a couple hundred bucks to agree with you that the person is a toxic dumpster fire. Well, say hello to your free therapist because you guessed it, ChatGPT can in fact give some pretty solid relationship advice! You’ll notice when you ask ChatGPT a question, it’ll often try to get more context or information back from you in initial responses.

By asking questions about what people experience in their own relationships, ChatGPT can get an understanding of the dynamics at play and use its knowledge base to recommend solutions or strategies for improvement. The more users interact with ChatGPT, the better it will become at giving personalized advice tailored to each individual's particular situation.

So next time you’re frustrated that your partner is spending too much time on TikTok, ask ChatGPT how to ask them to have a little less screen time in a healthy way.

7. Generate Code

Say you work with website builders but the client throws a spanner in the works and wants something done outside your scope of work. ChatGPT can generate all kinds of code that you can then paste into your website to extend its functionality. Say you need code to make the burger menu flash periodically. If you say to ChatGPT, ‘I need you to write CSS code to make the burger menu on my website flash every 3 seconds,’ it can do that no problem AND 9 times out of 10, the code works perfectly.

This can also be a great way to extend your own skills and knowledge by learning more about coding without paying for expensive courses.

8. Explain Concepts In Specific Ways

8 hours chained to a desk can feel like forever so even if the subject matter you’re dealing with is serious at its core, you’re still allowed to have a little fun. Suppose you need to better understand the various factors to work out a life insurance premium. You can ask ChatGPT to explain the concept like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tony Soprano and be prepared for some LOLS.

9. Get Bright Ideas

There’s a lot going on in our everyday lives and sometimes those creative juices just aren’t flowing anymore. So when you need to get creative but have run out of bright ideas, where do you turn? ChatGPT can be used as your brainstorming partner and help you come up with ideas for everything from party themes to playlists. Stumped about what to get your fussy partner for his birthday? Ask ChatGPT and get a list of helpful ideas that you can totally take credit for and wow your partner with your originality!

10. Generate Documents

If you need to come up with a document for your business, you know how time consuming this can be. ChatGPT is smart enough to write all kinds of business documents from onboarding letters to disclaimers and waivers, so, if you need a document drafted up fast, you can rely on ChatGPT to deliver the goods.

11. Write Better Emails

When your boss invites you to a 6pm meeting on a Friday afternoon for the 3rd time this month, your first response will be to fling your computer out the window and storm right out of the office. But obviously you need your job, so that’s not on the cards. ChatGPT isn’t nearly as heated as you are so it can help you formulate a response as to why you will be unable to attend the meeting. You could prompt, ‘Write a polite and persuasive reason as to why I cannot attend a meeting outside of my contractual work hours.’ This way, you can shoot off a professional response that will likely be well-received rather than some sarcastic or cheeky reply that could land you in hot water.

12. Compare Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

We know the crypto market is a little upside down at the moment but it’ll soon be rising from the ashes so if you’re not clued up on crypto just yet, use ChatGPT as your educational instructor. It can explain everything you need to know about all the most popular cryptocurrencies or blockchain projects and compare their features to help you decide where you want to invest. You cannot ask ChatGPT for the current Bitcoin value, however, as an example, because it will only have been trained up to a specific date so cannot provide real-time answers just yet.

13. Summarize Ideas

You know that 100-page document your boss needs you to read by Monday? Yeah, we’re not excited about spending the weekend up to our elbows in wordy documents either. There is a way to save tons of time and your sanity by feeding each section through to ChatGPT and asking it to summarize each section with the most pertinent points that were covered. This way you don’t need to sift through all the fluff, you get straight to the bones of the topic and get up to speed much faster. You can take it a step further for each section by asking ChatGPT to help you come up with suggestions or comments based on the main points. Promotion here we come!

14. Write Poetry

If you’re trying to woo a love interest, a romantic poem is always a safe bet. However if your poetry writing skills never progressed past 3rd grade English class, it can end up being more cringe than cute. ChatGPT is surprisingly good at writing poetry so you can give it any kind of prompts you fancy in order for it to generate a poem that will win the heart of your beloved!

15. Generate Customer Service Responses

As a business, there are plenty of touchpoints where your customers will engage with your business. They may leave you a review on Google My Business or ask a question on Facebook, so you need to be armed with professional, appropriate answers at all terms to provide the best customer service possible. ChatGPT can help you generate templates for standardized responses so your customer service team is always putting out consistent information timeously that makes your business come across as trustworthy, caring and on the ball.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is sure to revolutionize the way we do everything from school essays to online interactions with customers and even self-improvement. While it is not always completely accurate, as with any AI bot or NLP system, the ratio of accurate results to false is negligible. Because ChatGPT is not connected to the internet or search engines, it cannot provide real-time information, such as, ‘How many days until Christmas?’ But for accurate information and sorting through masses of data, ChatGPT can provide surprisingly structured responses. So make ChatGPT your new best friend and life may just get easier with a little help from your AI friend.

Matias Lapuschin
Matias Lapuschin
Head of Content Marketing

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