Best Play To Earn NFT Games for Android and iOS

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The NFT world is rapidly exploding and becoming increasingly more popular. And the growth of the NFT community is also making Play to Earn games the next big thing in crypto.

Because more developers are making such crypto games, the blockchain gaming industry is entering an entirely new market with a lot of potential. As a result of the integration of non-fungible tokens in games, users are able to purchase exclusive in-game assets or merchandise under their name and keep ownership over their digital collections.

In the same way, these NFT games enable players to generate passive income by completing quests or staking their tokens. This gives consumers the ability to earn a real income from playing games. There are multiple games that are NFT play to earn titles available today, which can make it difficult to decide which of the P2E games iOS or Android systems support is the one to start with.

So, which Play to Earn NFT game is best for mobile users? We’ve listed 20 Android and iOS mobile NFT games that give you the most bang for your buck, considering all the benefits NFT games offer.

Top Play To Earn Games for Android and iOS

Below you'll see a list of some of the best play to earn games for Android and iOS devices that reward players.

Axie Infinity

Best NFT Mobile Games Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has amply demonstrated its popularity by garnering a strong user base of nearly two million active users worldwide. The popularity of NFTs has increased largely because of games like this. Axie Infinity is based on Ethereum's blockchain technology. Axie Infinity first appeared in 2018. Players are tasked with collecting, raising, and breeding mythical creatures known as Axies. It provides players with AXS or SLP tokens that can be traded for income. Besides collecting creatures, the objective of the game is to breed new Axies and trade them with other players in the marketplace. For players to participate in any battle, they must have three Axies even if this is a free to play game.


Best NFT Games Mobox

A P2P game like MOBOX will give you rewards for playing games. You can choose from multiple MOBOX NFT games on iOS, such as Trade Action, OMO Farmer, and Token Master. MOBOX is a system that integrates NFTs, entertainment, and DeFi technology. This is one of the games that provides its players with an engaging ecosystem so that they are able to acquire unique NFTs and optimize their yields. Furthermore, as a free to play game, MOBOX has its own marketplace where you can easily sell and buy game items.

Reward Hunters

Best NFT Games Reward Hunters

This is one of the newest play to earn games that has been iOS and Android optimized. It offers a battle royale mode, an open world, multiple avatars, and a medieval setting. You can play a 1v1 battle or an eight person game where the last one standing wins. In the future, this P2E Android and iOS optimized game plans to include betting events and weekly tournaments, among other things. The RHT token is required to participate, as it allows users to win Binance Coin (BNB).

Farmers World

Farmers World Best Mobile NFT Games

The players in Farmers World will build and harvest farms by using various tools, resources, and lands. The game that has recently gained popularity was created on the WAX blockchain. It has over 150,000 active players, according to its website. Of course, the Farmers World game requires you to possess specific NFTs. You can build hen coops and cowsheds to expand your farm. Meanwhile, you can engage in battles with other farmers in order to earn money in one of the most entertaining play to earn mobile games.

Monsta Infinite

Best NFT Games Monsta Infinite

One of those NFT games where you can guess what it's all about just by looking at its name - Monsta Infinite. Monsta Infinite is a multi-game play to earn NFT platform that contains many monster-based crypto games that have huge potential to sell well. As a participant in the Monsta Infinite universe battles, you must purchase three monsters from the marketplace. In the game, every monster is equipped with the same six skills, two attack cards, and two defense cards.


Best NFT Mobile Games Binemon

Play to earn games Android and iOS fans began to use meme NFTs shortly after their appearance. This Pokemon-inspired crypto game seamlessly combines multiple elements into one universe, including collectibles, gachas, RPGs, and adventures. Whether engaging in PvE or PvP, players are able to create an army of pets to battle. There are three in-game currencies, including Ambrosia, which players can earn. By using DRK, a native currency, one can purchase Mons through the marketplace.


Best Mobile NFT Game Devikins

MoonLabs, which makes Devikins, looks out for players first. Devikins allows players to collect characters by breeding new ones and collecting them. In this turn-based RPG, the combat system is similar to that in JRPGs, but with a Tamagotchi element. A built-in marketplace also allows players to buy and sell characters using Devicoin (DVK).

Plant vs Undead

Best Play to Earn NFT Game Plant vs Undead

Plants vs. Zombies players will recognize the core gameplay concepts in Plants vs. Undead. It offers a multiplayer tower-defense mode where players own their own plants as NFTs. This mobile game follows the play to earn mechanics. As it offers its players rewards without charging any fees, Plant vs. Undead has gained a significant amount of popularity. Could anyone resist playing a game in which strange and deadly diseases originating from the meteors turned the creatures into fierce “Undead” that sought to destroy all life forms, including plants?


Best Play to Earn NFT Game Realm

Multi-element crypto games are always tricky to make. Music, art, and gaming combine to create Realm, a game with virtual reality portals for players to access an infinite number of microverses. In this mixed-reality NFT game, players have the opportunity to master realms and discover rare NFTs and REALM tokens. Moreover, players can breed 3D interactive pets and collect them, which evolve according to their current realm. Players and artists can create new realms and share royalties.

Crypto Shooter

Best Play to earn games Crypto Shooter

In spite of the fact that there are multiple NFT games for Android with the Crypto Shooter name, this particular one is mobile-friendly. You have to match and pop bubbles in order for Sparky to save his baby sparrows. The game offers five maps and 100 levels for players to explore. Additionally, players can earn SparkPoint tokens, which they can use to purchase faster bubble-bursting boosters. There are no subscription fees associated with the game, but there are regular ads.

League of Kingdoms

Best Play to Earn Games League of Kingdoms

Your part of the map is what you control in the game. Consequently, you have full control over the next steps in one of the top mobile NFT games: building an economy, turning alliances against one another and starting a war, etc. Here, picking a strategy that you can follow is important. Since the game has limited supplies, you should replenish all your stockpiles as soon as possible. Additionally, your methods will be influenced by different factors like time, distance, and others in real life. Furthermore, you can invite your friends to play with you and form a team.


Best play to earn games Cryptokitties

The popular NFT game Crypto Kitties is available on mobile devices as well. Their Ethereum Blockchain-based virtual kitten platform lets users build virtual kitten collections and order them in advance. With its adorable kittens, this game is among the first to use Ethereum Blockchain technology. Also, players of crypto cats have the option of selling their virtual kittens on the open market or the NFT marketplace. To obtain Crypto Kitties, you can either buy them on the market or breed them together. Breeding is one way to unlock rare features in one of the cutest NFT games.

Skyweaver TCG

Best NFT Play to Earn Games Skyweaver TCG

As you progress in the game, your skill will determine how many cards you can collect. This innovative card game is characterized by vivid, complex graphics and a large selection of possible cards. To level up your matching levels, you can play all of the base 500+ cards for free. You will compete to climb the leaderboards regardless of your gaming skills or experience. The good news is that you can get new gold every week by winning silver.

Spells of Genesis

Best Play To Earn Games Spells of Genesis

The NFT game Spells of Genesis is another one you can play on your mobile device. With a fantastic backdrop and countless epic battles, the game is sure to keep you entertained. From the level layout to the card design to everything else, the developers have done an amazing job on this scenario. Start your journey in Askian where you can learn magical powers. In order to obtain them, you'll need to join a squad and defeat each opponent you encounter.

Crazy Kings

Best play to earn nft games Crazy Kings

Gameplay-wise, Crazy Kings is a typical tower defense game. The role-playing game based on non-fungible token technology can be used as a model for role-playing and strategy NFT games. Your goal is to defend yourself from various attacks by building towers. To interact in the conflict, you'll need to acquire a unique set of cards and armies. In the current game, there are some 90 collective and individual cards, each with a set of unique abilities. This free to play game offers a beautifully organized interface that you will be able to enjoy right away. Furthermore, you can earn your own TOWER coin. Tokens can be earned by participating in the Grand Tournament Colosseum.

Town Star – Farm

Best play to earn games Town Star Farm

Gala Network is a gaming network that allows players to earn GALA tokens and win money while enjoying the game.. Is gardening and farming your thing? Then this is for you. Using the game as a farming game will make it even more fun and rewarding. It will allow you to farm and improve your trade skills at the same time. You must, however, create an accessible gala wall before you get started with Town Star. This wall functions similarly to any other blockchain wallet. With the gala, you have to provide a password in order to reveal the private key.

Lost Survivors

Lost Survivors best play to earn games

Users of Android and Apple iOS devices can also check out Lost Survivors as one of the best NFT games available out there. Their game was one of the first to apply blockchain technology to an action game, which involves earning blockchain-based objects. This game not only lets you create Kryptos, but also lets you cook, cut wood, mine, defeat your enemies, and more. It is still early in the game's development, but there are plenty of things to like in it, with some players even stating that Lost Survivors is a superior title when compared to already fully developed titles.


Best nft play to earn games Upland

Lastly, Upland is one of the most popular NFT games for iOS and Android devices. You will enjoy playing on this board game-like platform for a long time, especially if you already love Monopoly. It's based on real addresses and localities around the world. Furthermore, you will use NFTs to perform real estate trades and to earn money in the game. Besides exchanging properties, you can conduct treasure hunts and other amusing activities as part of the game. Further, you will experience an increase in earnings as soon as you acquire a group of properties with the same style.

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