Best Metaverse Wallets

​​NFTs have accelerated the use of personal cryptocurrency wallets, where users can keep and manage their non-fungible tokens. And with interest in the metaverse also rising, you might be wondering how will you be able to purchase digital things like avatars, virtual land, and add-ons, and where can you keep track of all your transactions in a virtual world.

Enter the metaverse wallets. They’re essential to ensuring that you get the best out of your experiences in virtual worlds, storing metaverse tokens and opening one is a crucial step in getting started with NFTs and investing in non-fungible tokens (which are a major component of the metaverse).

Today, we are listing the top metaverse wallets in 2022 and taking a closer look at the best functionalities each has to offer.

Why Is a Metaverse Wallet Important

There are many technologies necessary to bring the metaverse to life, including blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It’s thanks to this that metaverse projects like Sensorium Galaxy, for example, enable the creation and monetization of original content. For this, we use Sensorium Galaxy’s in-platform currency, SENSO, which is used for transactions, from creating new avatars to purchasing event tickets.

Each metaverse has its own economics and marketplace, where users participate and exchange digital assets in exchange for cryptocurrency.

A metaverse digital wallet is then necessary to keep this currency and track the history of transactions in a safe and transparent environment. These types of wallets are a crucial tool in managing the ownership and control over crypto assets (NFTs) in the metaverse.

In this sense, crypto wallets are very much similar to a metaverse wallet, with the difference being that the latter can provide more functionalities targeted at a virtual world, like handling NFTs.

So whether you’re into creating music or dances, hanging out with avatars, meeting new people, attending events, starting a business or even gambling in the metaverse, you should consider setting up a virtual wallet and make sure you’re all set before diving right into this brave new world.

How to Choose The Best Metaverse Wallet

With so much information available, picking the best metaverse wallet can be a confusing process. Fortunately, there are some steps you can follow to make sure you’re making an informed choice. So, what to look for when choosing the best metaverse wallet? Here are some features to keep an eye on:


Your metaverse assets (NFTs) can potentially be worth thousands of dollars. If you’re lucky enough, even millions. Clearly, you’ll want to make sure your wallet of choice has the strongest security protocols in place.

Compatibility with multiple NFT marketplaces and chains

Your wallet should be able to have multichain support or else you won’t be able to buy the NFTs you want to or even manage your wallet assets properly.

Easy-to-understand user interface

A user-friendly interface will make the use of your wallet and its functionalities a lot less scarier, especially if you’re new to the metaverse and blockchain technology.

Cross-device use

While not a must-have feature, we can all agree that being able to access your wallet either on a desktop and on a mobile device is convenient.

Top 6 Metaverse Wallets

For those just starting out with the metaverse and crypto, one of the biggest challenges is choosing a wallet that can be trusted from a list of available options.

The metaverse is still a fairly new concept and as the technology continues to be under development, it’s particularly important to pick a trustworthy metaverse wallet that can support a wide variety of blockchain-based environments.

Whether you’re an investor, a user or someone who’s just curious about this emerging technology, here are the top metaverse wallets to look out for in 2022:

1. MetaMask

Metamask ranks at the top of the best performing metaverse wallets given the security and broad range functionalities it can provide. Created by ConsenSys, a reputed software company behind the creation of Ethereum-based tools, Metamask is a favorite among users by allowing easy accessibility through a browser extension.

With just a few clicks, anyone - even the uninitiated - can easily access NFT marketplaces and browse through millions of options. As one of one of the commonly used metaverse wallets, Metamask also makes it very easy for users to both create multiple addresses or a single address for holding their metaverse tokens, access decentralized exchanges, add cryptocurrencies like SENSO (here’s a tutorial) and even explore dApps.

For all of these advantages, Metamask is the most popular metaverse wallet and one you could benefit from exploring.

2. Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is one of the top metaverse wallets in 2022.

This wallet provider is also a major player in the crypto wallet market, but when it comes to the metaverse, Coinbase supports key functionalities: NFT storage and cryptocurrency exchange. The wallet lets users be in complete control of their crypto, keys, and data. The best part? It’s one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use metaverse wallets out there.

One unique advantage of Coinbase metaverse wallet is how easy it is to transfer tokens to others by using usernames instead of the typical public wallet address. This makes your transactions more personal and might make you feel safer since you know that you’re sending your tokens to the right person.

All you have to do is set up a wallet, connect it to a crypto exchange (in this case, without surprise, Coinbase), and start purchasing or managing your digital assets.

The wallet is highly rated by seasoned crypto users. Key features include accessibility, user-friendly interface, array of NFTs that can be accessed and that a public address is not needed to manage virtual items.

3. Enjin Wallet

There’s no list of the most trusted metaverse wallets without mentioning Enjin Wallet. We’ve touched upon Enjin when talking about the best tokens to earn a passive income, where we introduced Enjin as the “largest gaming community platform online” and the developer of the platform is quickly earning a top stop as one of the fastest growing in the NFT gaming space.

Having an Enjin Wallet is an easy way of collecting NFTs and collectibles without worrying about security as this platform ranks among the most trustworthy. Enjin also has its own marketplace and digital currency.

One of the main advantages of this wallet is just how easy users can trade digital assets, including in-game tokens. But potential users might also be interested in knowing that they can get early access to up and coming metaverse and Defi projects, setting the Enjin Wallet apart from other competitors.

If you’re looking for a wallet with a great user interface and lots of functionalities that will help enhance your metaverse experience, Enjin Wallet is the place to get started.

4. Alpha Wallet

Many professional investors looking to ride the NFT boom (in particular Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens) have chosen AlphaWallet as their preferred metaverse wallet. And it’s easy to see why. AlphaWallet allows you to not only to invest in a safe ecosystem and easily manage your tokens but also mint NFTs. The wallet supports a number of NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Launched by Smart Token Labs, AlphaWallet claims to be the only self-custodial wallet that's 100% open source. This makes the wallet a great asset for everyone, from newbies to developers and investors. A key feature is the valuable ‘tagging’ functionality to make filtering your NFT collection easier. There's an entire section of the wallet dedicated to NFTs and gaming tokens.

Users can also use a built-in dApp explorer within the wallet’s interface, making it a very intuitive process to connect to the best NFT marketplace and invest. Also bostering AlphaWallet’s credibility is the fact that it has cemented partnerships with in the past with the likes Coinbase, Maker, Compound, Circle, and more. For all these reasons, it's clear why AlphaWallet is a top metaverse wallet.

5. Math Wallet

When it comes to flexibility and compatibility, Math Wallet is hard to rival. This metaverse wallet supports over 70 different types of blockchain networks and offers incredible features including integration with hardware wallets.

Many see it as a one-stop shop for crypto management, boasting an easy way of integrating multiple blockchain networks while letting users create multiple wallet addresses.

Other selling points also include an in-built browser that will allow you to easily explore NFT markets while counting on superior security protocols. But wait - there’s more. Users can also stake and trade digital assets directly using their digital wallets.

Math Wallet is a solid and reliable option when it comes to metaverse wallets.

6. Trust Wallet

Rounding up our list of the best 2022 metaverse wallets there’s Trust Wallet, a mobile-only wallet owned by Binance. This fact makes it why this wallet in particular is so heavily geared toward supporting Binance’s smart chain tokens, but it does also support multiple other blockchains, including Ethereum.

Like many of the other wallets mentioned so far, True Wallet has a dApp browser which will help you find new NFT marketplaces and buying non-fungible tokens is quite easy to do. In addition, this metaverse wallet features a built-in exchange that will help you easily swap currencies in order to buy NFTs, making it all a seamless process.

Bottom Line

While there are many other platforms that could be featured in our list of best metaverse wallets, each mentioned has their own set of functionalities that we hope can take your virtual experiences to the next level.

As interest for all things crypto and metaverse keeps growing, so too will be the capabilities of virtual wallets. As more metaverses emerge, their use will also become more evident. NFTs and metaverse tokens are poised to become a major component of the Web 3.0 revolution, so you might really want to stay on top of the latest developments.

There’s no need to be weary of the process of using a metaverse wallet, as many are very straightforward and have simple interfaces. They might not even look that much different from your online banking account once you get the hang of it.

Make sure to make some research and take your needs into consideration before picking a metaverse wallet. Hopefully, our list was a good starting point!

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