Sensorium Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with iMe

Sensorium ArcMay 25, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Sensorium is entering a strategic partnership with iMe, the leading multifunctional client, powered by API Telegram with built-in tools, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Wallet and Blockchain.

Moving forward, both companies will be exploring the integration of each other’s technologies into their respective platforms, and supporting the development of a wide ranging initiatives aimed at furthering DeFi and crypto potentialities.

As part of the collaboration, Sensorium will be launching a SENSO staking program within iMe’s ecosystem and embarking on a range of joint community-focused events.

Some of the other activities Sensorium and iMe may consider as part of the newly signed agreement include the creation of a virtual museum and gallery featuring iMe assets, and the integration of Sensorium Chain capabilities and NFT services by iMe.

“We’re thrilled to welcome iMe as our latest partner, marking another milestone in the expansion of Sensorium’s Web3 ecosystem. iMe is bringing to Sensorium its robust DeFi and blockchain-enabled capabilities, allowing our combined user base to perform crypto transactions seamlessly and now also over the Telegram messaging ecosystem. We believe in making SENSO an intuitive, safe and hassle free experience for all Sensorium users and partnering with iMe will undoubtedly bring those benefits to our community and beyond,” explains Alex Firsov, Sensorium’s Chief Web3 officer.

The collaboration with iMe comes on the back of our recent unveiling of Sensorium Arc, an upcoming decentralized platform entirely dedicated to hosting both company-owned and third-party Web3 products and assets, as well as its updated SENSO tokenomics.

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