Sensorium Demos AI-driven DJ’s VR Concert at SXSW; Leads the Conversation on the Future of Music

Mar 18, 2022
sensorium sxsw 2022

Sensorium, the company behind the most anticipated entertainment metaverse built in partnership with chart-topping artists like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Armin van Buuren, has publicly unveiled the first-ever VR concert headlined by AI-driven DJs. The showcase of the multiplayer platform that allows users to explore vast virtual worlds, socialize with others, and interact with AI-driven virtual beings took place at the 2022 edition of SXSW. It marked the first time the general audience experienced the futuristic tracks performed by Sensorium’s DJs in a VR environment.

Virtual artists pioneered by Sensorium can generate a constant flow of ever-changing music in 60+ different genres. Each AI-driven artist has their own signature performance style and a unique personality. When offstage, Sensorium's performers will be permanently available to communicate with fans via text chats and video calls in the Sensorium Galaxy mobile app. Powered by a unique combination of genetic algorithms and reinforcement learning, these AI-driven virtual beings can support hours-long complex and unscripted conversations without ever losing track of context. Moreover, their personalities are constantly evolving the more they interact with users. This process unfolds naturally, without any interference from the developers.

The VR demo followed a panel discussion on the future of music led by Sasha Tityanko, Sensorium’s Deputy CEO, and award-winning artist and producer Sevdaliza. The speakers touched upon thought-provoking topics, including the symbiosis of real and virtual art, the role of technology in the development of new trends in entertainment, the identity of artists in a changing tech landscape, and other subjects that shape the art of tomorrow.

Aside from the exciting discussion, the panel saw an exhilarating performance by SVORA - a rising incognito artist who appeared with his hypnotizing track “Hitch”. SVORA recently joined the Sensorium Galaxy lineup and was featured as part of the company’s Chosen Ones reveal campaign. The musical act was delivered by the DJ in the virtual format along with SVORA’s physical doppelgangers performing on stage.

During the presentation, Sensorium also showcased the development of Sensorium Galaxy with a short film featuring key members of their international team, including an acclaimed nightlife tycoon Yann Pissenem, a co-creator of PRISM — an immersive virtual world dedicated to electronic music.

Sensorium Galaxy, currently in beta, is scheduled to go live in several months and will be available across mobile, desktop, and VR devices.

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