Sensorium Joins Forces With BreederDAO To Supercharge Web3 Infrastructure

Sensorium ArcOct 25, 2023

Sensorium is welcoming BreederDAO as a strategic partner as it continues expanding its blockchain and Web3 strategy.

BreederDAO specializes in powering breeding and crafting features allowing users to produce new digital assets and NFTs tailored to specification within blockchain games. As part of the collaboration, both companies will be exchanging their expertise in the blockchain arena and the integration of each other's technologies in joint projects, with Sensorium providing solutions and services for the creation of NFT and DLT-based mechanics for BreederDAO.

BreederDAO will also become a key partner in implementing protocols and innovative features into Sensorium’s gaming Dapp, among other products.

Joint participation in Public Testnets of both company’s networks is also expected to take place under the newly-signed partnership agreement.

Alex Firsov, Sensorium’s Chief Web3 officer, says: “Sensorium has strived to elevate the bar in terms of what can be done in Web3 and the success of our projects like the SENSO Dapp and the continued growth of then Sensorium Arc network represents how far we’ve come. And as we continue moving forward with ambitious growth plans and unlocking more opportunities for our community, there’s no doubt that BreederDAO is the right partner to turn to for the kind of innovative technologies and strategies we aim to leverage moving forward”.

Recently, Sensorium welcomed a number of other blockchain partners and held NFT initiatives, including the release of SENSO Dapp’s first NFT collection.

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