SENSO Whitepaper Released: Extended Use Cases & Detailed Product Integration

Today is a great day for Sensorium enthusiasts. We’re releasing our long-awaited SENSO Whitepaper 2.0 — a document that unveils for the first time important details about Sensorium Galaxy's metaverse and its blockchain-based currency - SENSO. Don’t have time for a long read? Here's a quick preview:



The primary function of SENSO is acting as a payment method within the Sensorium Galaxy. But there’s more to it than just paying for things, especially because of the wide opportunities it represents for users. As most of you know, SENSO can be purchased from major digital asset exchanges or straight from Sensorium Galaxy's platform. However, getting SENSO in the open market can provide a dynamic discount for users. Inside the metaverse, one SENSO is worth ~$10 per unit. That rate is applied to those buying SENSO through traditional fiat payments. This mechanism incentivizes the use of the token against fiat purchases, which positively affects the burning rate.


Users can freely list NFT in the in-metaverse marketplace, mint new NFTs (with SENSO) and even get royalties when reselling them. NFTs can be directly generated using SENSO to cover minting costs. This way, users are able to have a better experience and more importantly, retain ownership rights across a variety of digital assets.


A decentralized ledger technology enables the creation of a decentralized autonomous organization. Our DAO follows a token-based membership structure and participants are given the possibility to join the Council and enjoy voting rights on product decisions along with other perks.


SENSO allows users to enjoy better experiences inside the metaverse, from unlocking content to joining activities to getting performance-based rewards and more.


Content makers can monetize their experiences and issue tokens tailored to meet different goals. This allows for vast integration opportunities.


This whitepaper also sheds light on the token user journey. From purchase to burning, we have visualized the multiple options available for users.


Sensorium has consistently adjusted the supply of SENSO tokens. After a recent, one-time burn, token supply now stands at 1.7 billion. To maintain sustainable market conditions at all times, SENSO tokens are burned on a quarterly basis and supply changes are reflected by the current allocation:


Changes in market conditions, including an increase in ETH prices, prompted Sensorium to consider a migration of SENSO to a new blockchain network, developed with Substrate - a next-generation blockchain framework. This connects SENSO to the Polkadot ecosystem, delivering competitive conditions for SENSO token holders.


Our whitepaper also outlines exciting details about the development and structure of Sensorium Galaxy as we continue working on expanding our metaverse. You'll read about how we're leveraging VR and AI to create the future of communication and entertainment.

Some features you may be interested in knowing more about include:

  • AI-driven avatars and DJS
  • Entertainment and social immersion features
  • Organic content creation tools
  • Metaverse XR landscape

To read our whitepaper, click here.

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