SENSO Tokenomics: Circulating Supply & 500M Locked Tokens

Sensorium ArcNov 5, 2021

As our community continues to grow and so does the popularity of SENSO, we’ve prepared this short post to shed some light on important updates concerning the tokenomics of SENSO — the metaverse currency of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse.

Before we get down to the details, here are some useful resources to get you up to speed with SENSO use cases, burning schedules, and more.

SENSO Circulation Supply

For those that aren’t familiar with the term, circulating supply refers to the number of assets that are circulating in the market and in the general public’s hands. That’s the definition used by Coinmarketcap — the world’s most popular and reliable cryptocurrency data aggregator. At Sensorium, we calculated circulation supply by using Coinmarketcap’s methodology.

As of this writing, we have reported to Coinmarketcap an updated circulation supply following the recent token burn and subsequent token reallocation.

Circulation supply based on our estimates is the sum of SENSO tokens available on exchanges wallets and tokens sold via OTC deals (22M SENSO), as well as open market holdings stood at approx. 66M+ SENSO.

SENSO Unlock Schedule

For those holders that have acquired SENSO via OTC deals and/or special motivation plans, the unlock schedule is detailed below.

For OTC deals:

  • 2022, June: 4M SENSO tokens will be unlocked
  • 2022, August: 12M SENSO tokens will be unlocked
  • 2022, September : 6M SENSO tokens will be unlocked

For motivation plans:

  • 2022, June: 4M SENSO tokens will be unlocked
  • 2022, September: 4M SENSO tokens will be unlocked
  • 2022, December: 4M SENSO tokens will be unlocked

SENSO Locked Tokens

As we approach the public launch of Sensorium Galaxy’s VR application, we have permanently locked 500M+ SENSO tokens that were allocated for NFT tickets sales and minting, which equals 32% of the current supply according to Whitepaper.

Sensorium Galaxy enables in-platform purchases and NFT mechanics through SENSO — our metaverse currency. Whenever users purchase something in Sensorium Galaxy, such as virtual beings or concert tickets, they will be relying on these tokens. As soon as transactions are executed, tokens will be moved to the burning pool awaiting to be burnt according to a quarterly schedule. The burn rate will vary on volume of in-platform purchases.

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