Meme Battle of Sensorians - Season 4

Sensorium ArcAug 2, 2023
Meme Battle Season 4.

Sensorians unite - the Grand Meme Battle is back!

We’re launching a new Meme Battle: Summer season 2023 to give our incredible community of Sensorians an opportunity to show their creativity and make some laugh around. Let’s have fun and win some SENSO!


  • Selection Round: August 2 - 10 (Until 16:00 UTC)
  • Voting for 10 finalists: August 10 - 15 (Until 16:00 UTC)
  • Voting for 3 top leaders: August 15 - 17 (Until 16:00 UTC)
  • Winner announcement: August 17


During the selection round, the 10 best memes will be handpicked by our team in a closed vote.

Next up, a public poll will be held in our English Telegram chat, where our community of Sensorians will have the chance to choose the best meme out of the 10 finalists.

Then there comes the time for the final vote for the winner from the 3 leaders' board.

Entry requirements

  • Fill in this Google form.
  • Retweet the pinned post from SENSO’s Twitter account.
  • A meme picture must be posted to the English Telegram chat with the hashtag #SENSO_Memebattle4.
  • Only one meme can be submitted per account. (Do not submit memes which participated in the previous Meme Battle Seasons. Images must be new.)
  • English only. We want everyone to be able to understand the memes so that we can all enjoy them the same way.
  • The image and text must be easy to understand. PNG and JPEG formats are accepted. (No GIF)
  • Pro tip: To better your odds, it’s worth making sure your memes are directly related to the Sensorium VR worlds’ lore, our AI avatars, NFT collection drop, our incredible AI DJs or SENSO token.


  • Plagiarism: submitting the same meme more than once.
  • Submitting more than one meme per participant.
  • Cheating and contributing to a fake vote volume in the open poll.
  • Offensive or obscene content, religious themes, nudity, etc.

Total prize pool: 4600 SENSO

  • 1st place: 1,500 SENSO
  • 2d place: 1000 SENSO
  • 3d place: 700 SENSO
  • Remaining 7 finalists: 200 SENSO

Looking forward to seeing all the brilliant memes from our community of Sensorians.

Good luck!

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