Who’s Got The Best SENSO Of Humor? Our Global Meme Battle Is About To Go Live

Are you an expert at cracking jokes? Are you known as the family joker? Have you been elected Chief Meme Spammer by your friends? And more importantly - are you a fan of SENSO? Then you’ll want to keep reading, we promise.

We’re excited to be launching a contest with the goal of bringing closer together the SENSO community through something we can all agree the crypto world can’t live without - memes. And yes, our first ever meme contest has some major prizes at stake — totally 2200 SENSO tokens.

It’s also a great opportunity to finally find which of our eight Telegram SENSO communities packs the best sense of humor. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than coming up with new crypto memes (and we all know there’s plenty of material for it right now).

Are you on board? Great. Let’s get down to the details.

Open To Our Telegram Channels










First Selection Round: July 15-17

Second Selection Round: July 21-23

Third Selection Round: July 25-28

Semi-finals: July 29-August 1

Final: August 5-6

Announcement of final results and winner: August 8-10

Choosing the finalists and winner

The best memes will be picked by our team, together with chat administrators, across three different selection rounds. This will help us select 24 semi finalists, that is, 3 memes will be chosen per each of the 8 SENSO local Telegram chats.

Next up, a public poll will be held across each chat so that our communities get to take a look at the memes in the running and decide which ones are worthy of making it all the way to the grand final. Only 8 memes will make it to the next stage.

And finally, the moment of truth.

The winner of our first meme battle contest will be crowned after a public vote that’ll be made available across all of the online communities.

Remember, you won’t get to vote for a meme from your own Telegram channel.

Entry requirements

  • One submission per account. Even if you don’t get selected during a specific round, you can try your luck again in the next one. There will be 3 selection rounds, a semi-final and then a final. Make sure to submit different memes during the selection rounds.
  • It’s important that you don’t forget to feature or mention SENSO or the SENSO community.
  • Memes must be posted in your group’s chat with the hashtag #senso_meme_battle.
  • English only. We want everyone to be able to understand the memes being shared, so that we can all enjoy them the same way and crack up a laugh (or two). Trouble translating your meme? No problemo. Ask the chat admin for help and they’ll come to the rescue.
  • Image and text must be easy to read. PNG and JPEG formats accepted.
  • Pro tip: Make sure that your memes can be easily understood by everyone. After all, memes are meant to be universal.


  • Plagiarism: submitting the same meme more than once.
  • Submitting more than one meme per selection round;
  • Offensive or obscene content, religious themes, nudity, etc.

Final Prize

The author of the best meme will be getting 1,000 SENSO and the winning meme will also be featured as our official avatar across all of our 8 telegram chats during a whole week.

But wait, our semi-finalists will not walk away empty-handed, either. Each of the 24 semi-finalists will be getting 50 SENSO as a reward for their efforts in putting a smile on all of our faces.

Good luck to all participants!

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