Ho Ho Hodl SENSO! Create A Christmas Story with An AI Avatar & Win SENSO Tokens

Sensorium ArcDec 7, 2022
Chat With An AI Avatar Christmas Tokens

‘Tis the season for, you’ve guessed it, some holiday virtual goodies. Feeling the Christmas spirit already? Great. We’re challenging you to share your festive experiences with a Sensorium AI avatar and try your luck at winning some of the 5000 SENSO tokens up for grabs. At last, a Christmas gift that needs no wrapping!

How Do I Participate?

Step #1

Download the Sensorium mobile App:


*If you have our app already installed, make sure you're up to date with the latest version released. For a better experience, we recommend deleting the old version and downloading the newest.
** Discover all the features you can explore with the Sensorium mobile app (AI text chat, video talk, AR mode, dancing and much more).

Step #2

Register, create your avatar and go to the “Chat” mode.

Step #3

Kick off a conversation and ask your AI companion about Christmas or New Year, in English, via the text chat. You can use emojis!

Sensorium AI avatar chat.

(Hint- there is a special Christmas AI mode in the App. Go to your profile, click on the avatar icon, edit, customize, choose a personality and find the “Christmas edition” option).


Sensorium AI App chat

Step #4

Take 2 screenshots (maximum) of your dialogue and post them in one message to our Global community on Telegram. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #SENSO_Xmas_contest

Here's an example:

Step #5

Retweet the pinned post from SENSO’s Twitter account.

Step #6

Fill in this Google form


Contest dates: December 7 - December 16.
Contest winners will be announced until December 21.
SENSO token rewards will be distributed until December 30.

Terms and conditions

Entry requirements:

  • One submission per user account.
  • It’s important that you follow all the required steps and fill in this Google form.
  • Chat screenshots must be posted to the Sensorium Telegram chat with the hashtag #SENSO_Xmas_contest.
  • English only. We want everyone to be able to understand the dialogues being shared, so that we can all enjoy them the same way and crack up a laugh (or two).
  • Screenshots and text must be easy to read - and understand.
  • The text from the dialogue shared should be related to Christmas, New Year or the winter holidays in a way that makes sense to its reader.
  • Chat only about appropriate topics, do not verbally abuse the avatars and be respectful. Avoid using offensive or obscene content, religious themes, nudity, etc.

Final Prize

Prize fund: 5000 SENSO tokens
Total winners: 25 users*
Reward per winner: 200 SENSO tokens

  • A maximum of 25 winners will be validated and chosen from the list of all participants if they complete all the steps correctly. In case there are more than 20 validated participants, the final winners list of 25 will be chosen randomly from all qualified users.

Good luck and Happy Holidays everyone!

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