Roc Nation Purchases Sensorium Galaxy Tokens 

Jul 7, 2021

Roc Nation, a full-service entertainment company, has purchased Sensorium Corporation's SENSO tokens. SENSO is the in-platform currency of Sensorium Galaxy — a digital metaverse bringing people together through high-quality virtual entertainment developed in partnership with chart-topping artists and the globally recognized nightlife mogul Yann Pissenem.   This vast entertainment-focused metaverse consists of multiple virtual worlds, each of which features a particular type of content. High-caliber performers like David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, and Black Coffee are among the first lineup of artists confirmed for PRISM — a world dedicated to all sorts of musical expressions.   In a similar fashion to in-game currencies, SENSO is used for all value transactions within the ecosystem. Participants use these tokens to access shows of their favorite artists on the platform, subscribe to premium content, customize their avatars, upgrade features, issue NFTs, as well as execute other actions.   Desiree Perez, CEO, Roc Nation: "Sensorium Galaxy is well-positioned to take the entertainment industry to the next level. Their digital metaverse has a strong focus on quality, which is exactly what we want for our extensive artist base."

Brian Kean, Chief Communications Officer at Sensorium Corporation: "This deal is evidence that entertainment leaders are realizing the big opportunities that digital environments and their economies represent for the entire industry. By owning SENSO tokens, Roc Nation is taking a step towards the future of entertainment, giving their artists a chance to potentially benefit from global content distribution through Sensorium Galaxy and safeguard ownership rights on all of their digital content."

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