How To Play Alien Worlds

BlockchainAug 19, 2022
How to play Alien Worlds

Let's talk about Alien Worlds, one of the many crypto games and NFT games. In these, you can play to earn money in cryptocurrencies. You'll need a WAX account to play Alien Worlds. This is one of the most popular games since the year 2021. Alien Worlds has increased in popularity, and many have decided to start playing it due to the cryptocurrency boom. One key element of the Alien Worlds features is the capacity to earn NFTs. In-game cards can make the task of mining Trillium more efficient. Every game card comes in packs; a rare pack can be useful if you want to invest in the game.

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a free game where you take on the role of a space explorer, also known as a miner. The planets and in-game quests of the Alien Worlds Metaverse await your arrival.

The story sets the game in 2055. Some of Earth's inhabitants have discovered a way to escape the raging pandemics.

The most advanced bitcoin mining community calls itself the Federation. They have noticed a pattern of messages in its algorithmic solutions. These messages came from an advanced Alien race, leading to a big discovery, a wormhole that allowed humans to travel to far-flung exoPlanets.

Each player is provided with a set of three mining tools and a skill tree to mine, they can also choose a planet to explore and mine Trillium (TLM).

What is the Alien Worlds Crypto Game?

Alien Worlds is a mining game. The objective of the game is to obtain the material known as Trillium. This material can be found on mine planets, and it's the game's currency. Earn Trillium that gives you power in the Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs), every planet has one, and it's the Planetary Governance.

Understanding Alien Worlds NFTs

While you play Alien Worlds and Trillium is being mined, there is a chance to get a reward, a unique item in the game. This reward can be a tool, a minion, a weapon, or a unique avatar. These items are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and are more difficult to obtain than ore. Alien Worlds NFTs exist on the blockchain and can be freely traded with other players. These NFTs are exchangeable for Trillium or other cryptocurrencies. The ability to get rewards is based on the combination of the luck of your tool and the planet's reward pool.

Every NFT also has a use in the game. It can be used to have more mining power or be a specific weapon to equip on a minion. These NFT game cards have advantages in the game and every card has a color. The more shining NFTs are the best in the game. You can also get some at the beginning of the game by obtaining a game's launch pack. Alien Worlds is also a fighting game because you have to protect your land to protect your earnings.

Alien Worlds Land

The Land in Alien Worlds is part of each of the planets and the base to start mining. Each planet and lands have different characteristics. The lands are essential in mining since all the game elements are obtained from there. Planets also have a mining pot that allows you to know how much Trillium you can get.

There are stats like the chance to earn an NFT, how much TLM (Trillium) you get from that land, and a charge time multiplier. The lands also have commissions on the amount of TLM that is obtained from them. This commission determines how many ore or TLM tokens the owner of the land gets.

You can find rarities while mining, which can change the stats of mining TLM. The higher the rarity, the higher the chance bonus; however, this will drastically increase loading time. The rarity of the lands is divided into categories. Common, rare, epic, and legendary.

There are other categories of land based on their geographical condition. Also helpful to know is that some land types are not found on every planet. Furthermore, other planets do not offer a unique advantage when it comes to mining TLM tokens.

You can buy land in every alien world. If you own land, these give you passive income in the form of planet taxes. This is the late game play, where you can play to earn. Every planet DAOs is a dedicated member client portal for Planet token holders to vote for their Governors and allocate Trillium and NFT flows.

Alien Worlds Tools

Mining tools are another important feature. Without them, the material cannot be mined. Tools differ, and just like lands, they determine certain strategies contributing to the game's outcome. The statistics are mining power, the possibility of NFT, loading time, and POW.

A useful mining tool must have these stats high. The characteristic that determines the charge time is the cooldown time, which should be a smaller number. POW stands for Proof Of Work and makes it easy for machines to do the mining process. This last feature becomes more useful as you progress through the game. Like lands, different tools have different rarities and are classified as follows: Bountiful, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

Alien Worlds Minions

Minions are scouting parties that can be used in battles. They also have attributes that are: Attack, Defense, MoveCost, race, and element. Attack and Defense are scores used in combat. MoveCost is the move cost, the lower it is, the faster the minion is. The race is one of the alien races, and lastly, the element can have another category (Air, Gem, Metal, Fire, or Nature).

Minions can usually be equipped with weapons and gain extra power from choosing weapons that work in synergy with their race or element. The minions on the losing end of the battle lose their health and need to be healed in the Federation Hospital.

Alien Worlds Avatars

Avatars are cosmetic items. When you start the game, you can choose between a male and a female avatar. This choice is purely cosmetic and does not affect game play. You can mine NFTs to get new avatars. Avatars are tradable but have no impact on Trillium or NFT gains.

Alien Worlds Weapons

Alien Worlds Weapons work in conjunction with the Minions to give an attack and defense ability. The more efficient they are, the more difficult they are to mine. They also have the same elements as the Minions and have an attribute called Shininess which determines the efficiency of each weapon. Specific weapons used in the right minions can boost your attack numbers. You can repair weapons in the weapon repair shop.

How to play Alien Worlds Gameplay

Players must first create a WAX wallet before they can begin playing Alien Worlds. Furthermore, the WAX cloud wallet is dedicated only to NFTs. The wallet is simple to construct; players only need to link the WAX wallet to a Twitter account, Facebook, or Google account to get started.

For users who do not have a WAX wallet account, you can sign up for one for free. After confirming their WAX account, users would have to go to the Alien Worlds site. To connect to the game, click "log in" and enter your WAX account credentials.

After they've logged in successfully, players will need to set up an account.

First, create a user name for Alien Worlds. Then pick your avatar. Players can get new avatars by mining their own NFTs. Accept the terms and conditions as written and select "I'm ready" from the drop-down menu.

After setting up the account, you must pick a planet to mine on. Also, players have the liberty to choose their planet. The current mining pot shows the amount of TLM (Trillium) that may be mined from this planet. Furthermore, the fill rate is the speed at which the TLM is supplied. Choose a piece of land, but consider the following: If you don't already have your land, the commission rate is the fraction of the TLM you mine that will pay the Landowner. Some Lands have more luck depending on their terrain (and some tools like the lucky drill can improve that).

The charge time indicates how long you have to wait before mining again. The yield multiplier refers to the probability of receiving an NFT from a mining expedition.

If you're new to the game, you get a shovel. Each tool features statistics that determine how much TLM you can mine at a go. It's possible to use three tools simultaneously. Many tools will appear during the gameplay, like; Standard Shovel, Standard Drill, Standard Capacitor, and many more.

Once everything is set up, choose the Mine button and get started.

There are six Planets in the Alien Worlds Metaverse on which Explorers, who have registered as Candidates, will compete for leadership positions as Planetary Councilors. In most cases, the Candidates are individuals, but in some cases, they are Communities of Explorers or groups within Communities who launch as a team.

Every planet DAOs has Planetary leaders, Planetary treasury, and Voting Rights. The six planets are as follows.

Neri: A striped planet with the largest forest and sandy areas, Neri also has some of the largest areas of methane swampland, large numbers of little green persons have made the forests of Neri their home, but they aim to live in balance with nature, so casual visitors may not even notice the colonies.

Eyeke: Also known as Second Earth or Terra Alterna as it is the nearest and closest of all Alien Worlds to Earth. Humans found Eyeke inhabited by a Monastic order of Greys who believe that Eyeke is a spiritual place. Despite initial fears, Trillium mining seems to be tolerated by the Monks right now.

Kavian: Although most land on Kavian is rocky and icy, there are some unusual areas where diverse bio-systems have flourished. Legend has it that these areas were terraformed by ancient aliens. Kavian has some small Reptiloid villages.

Magor: It has the most hostile planetary environment in the Federation. Due to the volcanic activity, the sky is covered in smoke, and the terrain is extremely mountainous. There are no permanent settlements, but the sandy part of Magor is considered an anomaly; It is rumored that the sand covers many ancient secrets.

Naron: Naron is also a striped planet, and its geological structure has given rise to distinctive bands of environments. Large icy caps give way to mountainous terrains on both hemispheres. Then come rocky and grassy terrains with two huge lakes and a sandy desert nearer the equator. The island is the largest lake (Lake Nyari), is held sacred by many alien races, and has rival claims that have caused major conflicts.

Veles: With almost as much of a water world as Earth, Veles has some of the most beautiful landscapes found thus far in the universe. Its islands are home to some unique exoflora. Nordic aliens often visit Veles on their travels, and some have made it their main home. There are also missions to go on, land to rent, and NFTs to collect.

What is Trillium Coin (TLM)?

Despite being the currency of the Alien Worlds game, it does not mean that the currency cannot have value in another way. Like all cryptocurrencies, Trillium also has blockchain technology and must be kept in a crypto wallet (that's why the wax cloud wallet is necessary). Trillium mining takes anywhere from a few seconds to minutes, the time varies depending on the tools and machine you are mining on. The Trillium supply exists simultaneously on the WAX, ETH, and BSC blockchains. The Alien Worlds team has created a bridge for moving Trillium tokens between the three chains. Alien Worlds uses Binance smart chain due to the rising transaction costs of the leading Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain quickly became popular in early 2021.

How to earn money with Alien Worlds

The blockchain gaming world is beginning to expand. In addition to mining and selling NFTs (on places like Atomic Hub), players can invest in owning a part of Alien Worlds. Own lands are super expensive, but for those with cash, it can be a viable way to earn passive income. So you need to make use of your WAX wallet.

Be aware that buying Land in Alien Worlds it's something a late-game player would do. Take your time to play the game and figure out the best approach for you. With that said, here's how to own a piece of Alien Worlds:

  • Go to AtomicHub and filter out Lands in the Alien Worlds collection (check for official alien worlds).
  • Find a Land you like and don't buy it yet.
  • Check out the AW Stats website, which tracks Landowner earnings from mining, and see if your land is popular among players.
  • If it is, buy it, set the commission, and begin to earn passive income.
  • Another way to earn more currency is to browse Alien World's crypto products and stake TLM rewards.


It's hard to project how much you can earn from owning land, but the more popular, the better. Start playing alien worlds and start mining cryptocurrency and digital assets. Play alien worlds, join the blockchain gaming, and play to earn.

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