Sensorium Galaxy's Carl Cox Avatar Featured On Mixmag Cover

Dec 5, 2022
Carl Cox avatar featured on Mixmag

Sensorium is pleased to announce that its collaboration with legendary electronic music DJ and artist Carl Cox is on full display in the December issue of Mixmag, one of the world's leading electronic music and clubbing publications.

In a first-of-its-kind, Carl Cox graces the digital cover of the famed magazine in the form of his avatar, created by Sensorium for a series of upcoming virtual reality concerts the pioneering artist is slated to perform within Sensorium Galaxy.

The Sensorium team has previously detailed the process behind the creation of Cox's cutting-edge and photorealistic virtual avatar, from completing a full-body 3D scan to a detailed capture of the performer's facial expressions and other details that can be translated into high-fidelity experiences in digital spaces.

"I believe that fans are ready to see the music industry embracing emerging technology and advancing into the metaverse where they can enter a new format of experimentation, exploration and genuine enjoyment without real world constraints. It's been eye opening for me to see the lengths that Sensorium have gone to in developing my avatar. The ultimate goal is for the heart and soul of my music to be alive in a virtual environment in a way that goes beyond anyone's expectations - perhaps even my own," says Carl Cox.

The dance music icon will be bringing the spirit and energy of his famed DJ sets to PRISM world - a virtual world dedicated to music within the Sensorium Galaxy digital metaverse, scheduled to launch in the coming months.

As part of Mixmag's cover story, Carl Cox delves deeper into the relationship between artist and avatar, his experience of conceptualizing metaverse concerts with Sensorium and shares his take on the road ahead for the industry.

"It has been a tremendous learning experience working with Carl and knowing that we share an ambitious vision for the future of music making and music performances. We're deeply committed to creating entertainment experiences that can far surpass what's already out there, in music beyond, and we're excited that Mixmag has chosen to embrace this by having Carl Cox in avatar form on the cover," adds Sasha Tityanko, Deputy Director at Sensorium.

Ahead of Sensorium's PRISM world launch in the coming months, the cutting-edge VR platform has released a number of music projects powered by artificial intelligence, including a metaverse music streaming service where audiences can take part in concerts featuring Sensorium's exclusive lineup of AI-powered DJs.

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