Best Virtual Reality Movies To Watch In 2023

XR TechNov 28, 2022

Virtual reality is making its way into almost every industry. From medicine to education to gaming and fashion. Movie studios are also increasingly experimenting with this unique technology to enhance the experience of users within digital environments.

While this technology has been around for quite some time, the high cost of VR headsets and lack of quality content has prevented the sector from going mainstream. That said, Facebook, Google, and other producers have been lately reducing the price tag of head-mounted devices.

With global lockdown measures keeping billions of people at home, sales of VR headsets have skyrocketed in 2020. Last year, the number of shipments for AR / VR devices reached a stunning 5.5 million, and that figure double by the end of 2021.

Needless to say, entertainment companies have been looking at VR as a possible way to bring real-life emotions to digital environments. PlayStation is a perfect example of how companies keep betting big on this technology. The PSVR currently retails at $299, down from a 2016 launch price tag of $399. The company has expanded its library of VR games from the good old Star Wars Battlefront to the most recent VR-exclusive titles like Beat Saber, and Blood & Truth.

As most theaters remain shut, movie studios are looking for alternatives to provide viewers a cinematic experience from the comfort and safety of their homes. Apps like Bigscreen — a VR software solution that recreates cinema’s “big screens” — or Netflix VR are already trying to capture growing demand in this still nascent niche.

If you are planning to watch some VR movies, we have a few best suggestions for you to get started. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the list of best VR movies today.

Best Virtual Reality Movies For Grownups

Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience

First up on the list is the latest Christopher Nolan’s hit based on World War II. Dunkirk is an excellent movie that is set in World War II and depicts three different stories from land, sea, and air. The VR experience takes on a ride to the adventures and sufferings of World War II happening all around you. The screenplay is highly impressive and will keep you gripped throughout the end.

The Conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 Experience

When it comes to naming the best horror movies made in history, The Conjuring will certainly top the list. The movie franchise has introduced a whole lot of spooky situations for us. The Conjuring 2 was a big hit among the fans, after which a VR version was released to further hype the popularity. With the VR experience, you will get to enter Hodgson’s house by yourself and experience all the horrifying scenes like you are living in them. You can experience the Enfield Haunting in 360 experience. It is not a film to watch for the faint-hearted; enjoy it if you want to get a life-like The Conjuring 2 experience.

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

Bagging plenty of awards, including The Webby Awards and The Rosies, Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis is about North American refugees. The story is set in North America, where war has been called upon to the country, and families are forced to leave their homes. Violence, emotions, war is the major takeaways of this movie that are the best experienced through a first-person perspective. With a 360 experience through VR technology, you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of a refugee from North America. You can literally feel the danger, war, and drama around you.

The Invisible Man

Unlike other stories in the VR movies list, you will find more of a story dominance in The Invisible Man. As the name suggests, The Invisible Man has a scary and spooky detailing that will be revealed by the end of the story. It is a movie about two amateur drug traffickers who hide a stash of high-grade drugs. Throughout the entire movie, they struggle to get away from a dealer to whom they owe a debt. The dealer puts an offer to settle the deal with a Russian Roulette. Things start getting suspenseful, and it is worth watching through your VR glasses.

Ashes To Ashes

This movie is known for its gripping storyline. It is about a dysfunctional family that is struggling to get through the death of the grandfather who had his last wish to blow his ashes. The film is shot from the perspective of the urn, and it would be great through virtual reality. The story will actually take place around you. Ashes To Ashes also showcases the behind-the-scenes that depicts the hard work put up by the crew. It is a must-watch movie if you want to experience the in-depth virtual reality experience. Ashes To Ashes has also got many acclamations for its evolutionary filming.

It: Float

Those who have a special love for horror flicks will definitely love this one. We all know It as the biggest horror movie ever made. It is the modern depiction of Stephen King’s novel. To further celebrate the worldwide success of the movie, a VR version was also released that fans loved every bit. With the VR experience, you will get every tiny and horrifying detail at every turn. It is made from the perspective of the clown Pennywise’s abode. If you are a big fan of horror movies and especially the It franchise, you must take the VR experience of this movie once.

The Martian

We have all known the iconic movie The Martian that changed our perspective towards the planet. Even without the VR experience, people have made The Martian a super-hit. However, the out-of-the-world and immersive VR experience just took it to the next level. The Martian VR experience is from astronaut Mark Watney's perspective, so you will be performing all the tasks, taking the adventurous ride, and tackling all the issues. You can get the VR space experience that is once in a lifetime opportunity that you can get any time. Struggle, survive and float in space with Mark.

The Hunger Games

The game of life and survival, The Hunger Games, is an iconic thriller movie based on the novel. The Hunger Games has been a big hit that starred Jenifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. With the 360 VR experience, you will get to live the life of Katniss (the protagonist). With VR experience, you will be learning all the survival skills and fighting the final battle. It is a gripping story where you will love the immersive experience of Katniss's struggle to survive. If you have watched The Hunger Games and loved it, you would not want to miss the VR experience at any cost.

Wild — The Experience

The much anticipated Wild – The Experience was premiered at Sundance Film, Festival. It is a three-minute-long 360 virtual reality experience that places you as the viewer along with Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon and Academy Award nominee Laura Dern’s characters from WILD — an adaptation of bestselling author Cheryl Strayed’s transformative journey. Her journey takes you through the wild and lonely paths of the forest.

Through your VR glasses, you can experience all the adventure first hand. Wild became the most-watched video on YouTube after one YouTuber uploaded his VR experience. Even though it is not a movie per se, you will definitely enjoy three long minutes of immersive experience.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

It is a part of the Star Wars series that has been turned into a VR series. Vader Immortal comprises three different series combined to create a cinematic and interactive VR experience. You can explore the world of Darth Vader by taking his place. Make sure to enjoy all three series in virtual reality to get the most of this amazing piece. It was released back in 2019 and has been a big hit among Star Wars fans.

Best Virtual Reality Movies For Kids

Invasion VR

If you are looking for some VR experience for your kids, you can definitely start with a super exciting movie, Invasion. Not only an entertaining flick, but Invasion is also an Emmy award-winning short film that has all the emotions in it.

The story is about two aliens who dream of taking over the world. Their journey is filled with adventure that is best to enjoy through virtual reality. The cute little aliens work their way through ruling the world will make your kids love to move that through VR goggles. It is a well-narrated and well-designed shot film that must be watched.

The Lion King

The Lion King might be the first movie that you would want your kids to watch. Well, after showing them the movie, you can get them acquainted with this VR musical version of The Lion King. This is an adaptation of Hollywood’s 1994 hit and provides the viewers a whole new perspective on the movie.

The opening theme song “Circle of Life'' will make your kids stay gripped to this musical adaptation. It is not a three hours long movie that your kid might get bored in the middle; you can get over with this musical VR journey in a few minutes.

Baba Yaga

Yet another classic kids' movie that you can enjoy in VR is Baba Yaga. This Pixar-like production by Baobab Studios premiered at the Venice Film Festival. In this fantasy adventure, your kids can engage in innocent but extremely fun activities in the company of a young girl, Magda. Together they can go on an exciting journey into the forests of a witch.

The Bottom Line

The experience of watching movies has evolved over time. Today we stand at the surface of a new era of movie watching, i.e., VR movies. Indeed, these movies offer an immersive experience, so instead of watching, you are actually living it. The above mentioned were some top-rated best VR movies you shouldn’t miss.

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