Best PFP NFT Collections You Need To Know In 2023

NFTsDec 13, 2022
Best PFP NFT Collections to Know

NFTs are the new rave in Web 3.0. This crypto asset class gives digital artists full ownership of their work, allowing them to focus on creativity without fears of digital theft. Thanks to blockchain technologies, each non-fungible token is designed to be authentic.

Art collectors also have NFTs to thank for providing a seamless means to buy and exchange digital art anonymously over the blockchain.

There are different types of NFTs; some have use, while others are primarily owned just for the bragging right. We will examine the best PFP NFT collections, all 27 of them. But first, let us delve into a cursory overview of PFP NFTS.

What Are PFP NFT Projects?

PFP stands for Profile Picture tokens. These unique NFTs have rapidly grown in popularity, becoming the global rave they are now within blockchain communities. Like every other NFT, PFPs are tokenized digital art, except that they are primarily designed as online avatars.

PFP NFTs are collectible, generative avatars used for profile pictures. As collectibles, they often come in large numbers. Like trading cards, PFPs also have varying degrees of rarity.

Generative NFTs is an umbrella term describing any digital collection created using algorithmic tools. NFTs designed using such techniques have an increasing popularity in the web3 space, and PFPs fall under this category.

Instead of making new digital art designs from scratch using tools like Adobe Illustrator, PFPs leverage algorithmic functions to generate multiple art designs. The algorithm takes input parameters–such as color, geometry, and size–and randomly produces a range of unique-looking characters. This property is called unique divergence.

Since generative tools streamline digital art creation, PFP NFT creators have quickly adopted this technique to churn out extensive collections of high-quality pieces.

Without further ado, we present to you our comprehensive list of the best PFP NFT collections:

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Making the top of our list, Bored Ape Yacht Club is presently the most traded NFT in the world. If you ever wondered why people often use this NFT as their Twitter avatar, well, now you know–they are PFP NFTs. The Bored Apes collection consists of NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a mainstream NFT owned by superstar celebrities like Paris Hilton, Eminem, Timbaland, and Justin Bieber, many of whom use it as their social media profile images.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) is an offshoot of the BAYC and boasts over a $300 million market cap. Like its predecessor, it is generative art. This time, the BAYC creators remixed the regular Bored Ape with a Mutant Serum vial. Alternatively, users can spurn new Mutants by buying them via public sale minting.

The most expensive NFT in this collection is the Mutant Ape #4849, which cost 350 ETH.


CryptoPunks is one of the best-selling NFT collections in the industry. Developed by John Watkinson and Matt Hall, the project consists of 10,000 NFTs. The art pieces consist of heavily pixelated images of punky-looking girls and guys and a few rare mixes with Aliens, Zoombies, and Apes.

Originally issued freely to any user with an ETH wallet, collectors quickly snapped up all the tokens in this collection. Today, you can purchase them from their holders by placing bids in OpenSea.


Meebits are 20,000 algorithmically generated 3D-voxel pieces of art developed by the creators of CyberPunk. The characters are of seven distinct types: skeletons, pigs, humans, and more.

Each collectible also has distinctive traits like glasses, hats, and tattoos. Additionally, a watch NFT comes with a 3D-printable OBJ file for collectors that want physical versions of the art.

Cool Cats

Ten thousand appears to be the limit for most PFP NFT collections. However, Cool Cats attempts to stand out from the crowd, with one NFT just of this number making up its entire collection.

All 9,999 pieces are hand-drawn in comic-book style and come in various colors, outfits, and faces.


SupDucks is a 10,000-NFT collection of randomly generated duck images, each piece consisting of hand-drawn patterns and artistic elements.

MegaVoltCorp developed this NFT. SupDucks is a project with an ambitious roadmap containing plans to launch a custom token (Volt). You can mint only ten pieces in the collection at once.


Azuki is a collection of 10,000 digital avatars, with each NFT granting user membership access to a virtual club, The Garden.

Azuki derive their inspiration from Japanese anime, and the distinct style appeals to lovers of animated Japanese shows like Dragon Ball and Gundam.


The Doodles NFT collection is the work of Scott Martin, Evan Keast, and Jordan Castro. Scott Martin came up with the original design. However, the collection now has new variations created using custom generative algorithms.

Some of the popular traits in the ecosystem include sentient flames, apes, pickles, cats, and aliens.

World of Women

The signature World of Women (WoW) collection emerged in 2021, with a follow-up collection in March 2022.

The piece attempts to broaden social awareness, with token owners, regarded as key stakeholders and contributors, committed to this mission. Some perks of holding this token include monthly ArtDrips, discounts, raffles, and an annual gala.

0N1 Force

The 0N1 Force NFT collection strays from the eccentric themes of other popular NFTs as it incorporates a range of darker themes. The art pieces depict 7,777 eldritch warriors like ghost spirits, monsters, and demons.

The works are designed in 2D, in side-profile style, and have a vibrant community, including celebrities like Logan Paul, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Bobby Kim.


Mfers are a collection of hand-drawn stick-figure art pieces by the Twitter-famous meme artist, Sartoshi. At first, they were cheap to mint but became more expensive as they rose in popularity.

Today, the Mfer NFTs are available on OpenSea and LooksRare.


Moonbirds are a collection of 10,000 ERC-721 NFTs launched in April 2022. Unlike many NFT collections, Moonbirds have utility, supported by rarity-powered attributes.

Through an arrangement called nesting, ownership of the NFT earns access to a private club.


This 5,555-piece NFT collection went live on the 4th of February, 2022. As a token holder, you get a physical collectible and a free 3D Karafuru and gain access to the Origin NFT analytics dashboard.

Also, the developers provide occasional airdrops to serve as added utility and streamline community cash flow.


The Avastars collection is unique, with each piece created to tell the story of a fictitious organization that colonized another world in space. Its engaging story was essential to its initial popularity, while its collection of 25,000 randomly generated images made from over 570 palette colors, attributes, and 19 gene traits definitely added to its allure.


The sportswear giant, Nike, made its first significant foray into the Metaverse world with CloneX.

CloneX launched in November 2021 with a warm reception from the blockchain community. Each of the 20,000 3D avatars is a turnkey design for metaverse integration.


Goblintown NFTs are as weird as it gets. Besides the bizarre-looking artwork, Goblintown developers insist that the project has no roadmap, no Discord, and no utility.

Goblintown NFTs are available on Rarible, LooksRare, OpenSea, and Truth Labs marketplace.


The CyberKongz NFT collection comprises 3,852 pixelated digital apes with various accessories and attributes.

Owners of the first 1,000 CyberKongz, Genesis Kongz, get $BANANA tokens worth $900 every day for the next ten years. This generous incentive is responsible for the rapid growth of the CyberKongz collection.

Pudgy Penguins

The Pudgy Penguins NFT collection was launched amid the 2021 NFT market bull run and enjoyed as much popularity as the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The artworks are an 8,888-NFT collection of penguin avatars. Although the initial mint has sold out long ago, secondary marketplaces like OpenSea have Pudgy Penguins available for interested NFT collectors.

The project nearly went into oblivion following reports of a rug pull. However, after project ownership changed hands, the Pudgy Penguins had a miraculous restoration.

Okay Bears

The Okay Bears NFT collection comprises of 10,000 NFTs of cool bears. At the first mint, each NFT in the collection was worth $150.

The project goes beyond NFTs and incorporates an entire ecosystem of Web 2.0, Web 3.0, and real-word-utility sales channels designed to be exclusive to the NFT holders. These IRL (in-real-life) channels include Okay Bears Pop, Token-Gated eCommerce, and a Solana-based marketplace called Magic Eden.

Invisible Friends

The Invisible Friends NFT collection comprises of 5000 animated characters. Interestingly, the characters are absolutely invisible. Instead, they have distinctive accessories and clothing that distinguish them from regular PFP NFTs.

The illustrator behind the Friends project is Markus Magnusson, with the collection forming part of the Random Character Collective.

Fluf World

Fluf World is a Metaverse-based NFT collection of Flufs. The Flufs are 10,000 3D, generative rabbit avatars with unique traits.

The developers combined 270 traits across 14 categories to algorithmically create Fluff NFTs. Each NFT is unique to a minimum of three degrees of separation. Additionally, the project has a marketplace called Scenes & Sounds, where users can further customize their choice of NFTs.

Creature World

Creature World NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique magical creatures, with each token granting access to a unique Metaverse where users can interact with the characters and perform upgrades.

The brainchild of New York artist Danny Cole, Creature World has evolved with a catalog of insane merchandise and a thriving NFT community.


and most popular PFP NFTs. Its founders, Psych and Betty, found great success, forming brand partnerships and developing sub-collections.

The Deadfellaz collection comprises 10,000 zombie-like NFTs. The project has over 6,000 collectors jointly known as “the horde.” As of today, Deadfellaz has racked up more than $50 million in sales volume.

Psychedelics Anonymous

Lewis Gale of the marketing company Voltura created the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT collection. The 38,380-NFT collection has the slogan: “tug at the strings of your heart!”

Unlike other fun NFT projects, Psychedelics Anonymous was launched based on creating awareness of mental health issues. As a result, the token has tremendous utility not limited to Metaverse wearables, support services, VIP Metaverse areas, and physical merchandise.

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

Although Forgotten Runes began as an NFT collection, it has since evolved beyond this to include a Metaverse-based ecosystem.

The NFT collection comprises more than 9,000 pixelated artworks of garishly garbed wizards. Each token is unique, with the most distinguishing feature being the heads. Unlike many NFTs, the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult collection is highly customizable. The developers are guided by community feedback while designing the NFTs.

to include a Metaverse-based ecosystem.

The NFT collection comprises more than 9,000 pixelated artworks of garishly garbed wizards. Each token is unique, with the most distinguishing feature being the heads. Unlike many NFTs, the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult collection is highly customizable. The developers are guided by community feedback while designing the NFTs.

Gutter Cat Gang

The Gutter Cat Gang NFT collection comprises 3,000 unique cats based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The ecosystem is known as the Gutter, a virtual, underground, decentralized social club where the NFTs grant access to the Gutter Cat Gang. Gutter Dogs, Pigeons, and Rats are at the base of the membership ladder, with the Cats representing elite membership.

With each membership level comes exceptional levels of perks and access.

5 Ways to Know if a PFP Project Is Unique

With the sheer amount of PFP NFT Projects out there, you want to be sure that you are investing in the real deal and not some shoddy hoax that will end with a rug pool or have its value tank.

Here are five questions to ponder when selecting PFP NFT projects:

Does it have an active community?

NFT enthusiasts are not only interested in purchasing tokens. They also want to talk about them. Promising projects are often at the center of market speculation. It is the norm to have projects with active communities on social media to drive up interest in the project by simply talking about it.

NFT project developers tend to nurture Discord communities at the start of the project. The strength and activity of such online communities are a good sign of their growth potential.

Does the project have a clear roadmap?

Roadmaps are one the most important indicators of the prospects of a project. It outlines the goals, aims, and objectives of the NFT. As an NFT collector, you should avoid overambitious projects with unclear roadmaps.

A clear roadmap sets achievable goals that tally with day-to-day achievements and funding. If that is the case, one can assume that a project is on track. However, a roadmap is not enough to inform investment decisions.

Who are the team/artists behind the collection?

Typically, you can identify a promising project by paying attention to the founder. A project undertaken by a world-renowned artist or reputable individual is bound to explode.

Are the PFP NFTs of high quality?

PFPs use generators that produce high-quality images based on a combination of inputs. Collectors cherish PFP NFTs for their high fidelity and rarity. You should always look out for top-quality collections if you want to flip your NFTs for a later profit.

Do these NFTs offer any additional utility?

In the blockchain industry, single-use tokens are likely to lose relevance. Market speculation, social media influence, and celebrity interest alone are not enough to drive the value of an NFT.

An NFT is bound to perform very well if it has use cases beyond just a digital art representation. Modern NFT collections often have Metaverse utility that extends to the real world. The incentive of real-life rewards, club membership, and more and some identifying factors of potentially successful NFT projects.


Profile Picture NFTs are the new rage in digital art. Many celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon, keen not to be left out and eager to showcase unique NFTs and exert their social status.

Although the Web 3.0 markets, cryptocurrency inclusive, are currently in something of a lull after the 2021 bull run, many remain convinced of the potential for further NFT growth.

Who knows? Perhaps some record-breaking NFT sales are only a few months away!

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