Best NFT Blogs and News Sites to Stay Informed

Whether you’re a newcomer or someone with a deeper understanding of non-fungible tokens, getting the most important updates on this growing blockchain market can sometimes be somewhat of a challenge.

To help you out, we put together a list with the top NFT news resources that you’ll give you a comprehensive view on these tokens, including news, insights and in-depth reports.

Top NFT Sources For News and Insights


As the world’s largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles, OpenSea boats an incredible reputation for up-to-date information on this blockchain segment.

Newcomers are sure to benefit from some essential readings such as this beginner’s guide to creating and selling digital art NFTs and the complete NFT dictionary. But if you’re out for more technical information, OpenSea also delivers on that front.

Moreover, the platform is known for its detailed analysis of NFT sales and trend reports.


Binance is the world’s leading crypto exchange (by trading volume) and although it focuses primarily on cryptocurrencies, it boasts an incredible collection of NFT writings.

Interested readers are likely to find comprehensive guides on topics such as NFT smart contracts, Digital Identity NFTs, and the impact of NFTs in industries such as sports and digital art.


Founded in 2018, DappRadar makes the exploring, tracking and management of decentralized applications (Dapps), convenient and intuitive for all users.

Hosting 12670 dapps from over 50 protocols, the platform also offers comprehensive information regarding non-fungible tokens, including NFT valuation and portfolio management.

As such, the Dapp Radar’s blog is a great place to get your daily dose of NFT news and insights, including in depth-guides to topics such as Airdrops, NFT Marketplaces and latest trends.

Tech Crunch

If you’re looking for the latest NFT news, TechCrunch is the place to get started. The American online newspaper focuses on high tech and startup companies, but has a dedicated section for non-fungible tokens, with news, updates, market overviews and tips for buyers and sellers. You might also want to take notice of the newsmaker's market analysis pieces, for a closer look at some of the most interesting (and overlooked) elements of the NFT segment.

Non-Fungible Newsletter

For a reference in NFT market data and analysis look no further than Non-Fungible, one of the most trusted sources in the blockchain industry.

There are two ways in which you can stay up to date on all thing NFT: you can read the news section, with all there’s to know on NFTs and latest developments, or sign up to’s weekly newsletter for a bird's eye view of the industry.

The platform is also renowned for its meticulous NFT reports, so make sure to check them out.


Rarible is one of the most reputed creator-centric NFT marketplaces, operating under a community governance model. So it’s no wonder that its blog section offers a vibrant and comprehensive collection of topics centered on non-fungible tokens. Ranging from longer articles to shorter pieces, you won’t have trouble finding all you need to know about NFTs and read some interesting takes on issues such as popular NFT myths or the best anime NFT projects out there. No time to read a full article? No problem. Rarible’s newsletter has got you covered.


If what you’re looking for is NFT news, prices changes, market moves and technology updates, then Cointelegraph is the website you’ll want to bookmark.

Cointelegraph is a leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends.

NFTs are typically at the top of CT’s news flow so you won’t risk missing any major event and update.

NFT Evening

NFTevening is a leading NFT news site dedicated to, well, news but also wide-ranging interviews and insights into collectibles, crypto art, blockchain games and the metaverse.

With 1.2 million monthly views, the platform is dedicated to spreading awareness about NFTs in the hopes of increasing their widespread use.

Readers can choose from four categories - news, guides, features and the NFT calendar - to stay informed about the most important NFT happenings.

In addition, you might be interested in tuning in to NFTevening’s wildly popular podcast for more exclusive content, including interviews from some of the biggest names in the NFT space as well as actionable and practical NFT tips and tricks.


NftNow provides you with the knowledge you need to survive in the fast-paced world of NFTs. Pioneers are constantly changing the market via community, innovation, and the arts, so NftNow aims to highlight and magnify their contributions. Its newsletters will make it easier for you to understand the market and take full advantage of it.

Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon features an international community of 15,000 contributing writers publishing stories and expertise for 3,000,000 curious and insightful monthly readers.

Although dedicated to technologists, this platform can also make for an interesting read no matter your level of familiarity with NFTs.

In fact, you might enjoy the articles such as takedowns of more complex pieces by other outlets, including deconstructing Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest issue, entirely dedicated to crypto.

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