Best AI Tokens To Invest In 2023

AIMar 14, 2023
Best AI Tokens to Invest in 2023

The convergence of two era-defining tech innovations has shaken the digital economy. The emergence of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s interest in it, with a whopping $10 billion investment, has driven worldwide interest in AI cryptocurrencies.

As a result, more innovative AI crypto projects are becoming mainstream with real-life applications. These AI crypto projects are improving the scalability and efficiency of digital operations within the blockchain space.

From providing AI infrastructure and AI-driven data sharing to creating an artificial intelligence-focused marketplace, these crypto projects are facilitating in deploying AI solutions and services.

The advancement of AI crypto is influencing the market cap and trading volume of several AI crypto tokens. Since the launch of ChatGPT, 90 percent of AI tokens have exhibited positive abnormal returns.

This guide will discuss the best AI tokens to buy in 2023 based on their performance and recent developments.

9 Best AI tokens To Invest In 2023



FET is a medium of exchange for the AI crypto project system. This crypto project focuses on providing a machine-learning ecosystem in a decentralized network composed of autonomous agents. These agents will represent themselves as well as the devices, individuals, and services.

The goal of is to create a smart AI-driven infrastructure that uses FET as an incentive to offer and use AI services. Moreover, it is a permissionless platform where autonomous agents will continue to evolve with artificial intelligence. supports a layer 1 Ethereum network, while for other blockchains, it functions as an interacting bridge where AI developers can design services and new platforms using AI.

It works as a blockchain-specific AI lab that offers tools and services to everyone with its native token. Furthermore, energy grids, DeFi trading marketplaces, travel systems, and other industries can use FET in ecosystem to automate AI-powered infrastructure.

Use Cases is a big playground where small robots help people carry props and navigate the realm. You can request these robots if anyone wants to navigate and explore the playground. Moreover, this playground is based on blockchain, where immutability and security are ensured. FET plays a central role in this playground that will help you enjoy the AI services. The project offers the following use cases;

  • Offering secure and scalable infrastructure
  • Offering intelligent smart contracts and ready machine learning models
  • Offering low-latency transactions
  • Offering transactions across energy, finance, and logistics-specific vertices

Fetch has very interesting use cases, which reflects that it could be one of the gainers in AI cryptocurrency.


The NMR token powers the Numerai Artificial intelligence-based decentralized hedge fund. This Ethereum-based AI crypto project does not directly offer artificial intelligence services, it leverages AI technology to make accurate financial predictions.

Data scientists working at Numeraire are provided with NMR tokens as a form of incentive. Every week, NMR holders make predictions on any stock they want.

They use different metrics and submit the checker symbol and the target Numerai price. Numerai then crunches all these predictions using AI and bets on the best ones.

Those who submit predictions need to stake their NMR on the blockchain. If they predict right, they earn the minted AI crypto tokens. However, the stakes are burnt in case of wrong predictions.

This crypto project facilitates AI-based financial modeling and incorporates AI in the blockchain to make the process tamper-proof and more secure.

Use Cases

Numerai, along with its NMR token, improves financial trading output and offers decentralized development of AI crypto-based models and machine learning algorithms.

This decentralized hedge fund offers the following use cases;

  • Brings decentralization to data science and AI modeling
  • Relies on AI for investment strategizing
  • Incentivizes data scientists through competitions
  • Furthers the concept of safe and data-backed trading

By making its own decisions in the financial regime and entertaining Numerai tournaments, the value of NMR can experience exponential growth in the future.


AGIX is associated with SingularityNET decentralized platform. SingularityNET is another AI-driven crypto project that offers a digital marketplace to buy and sell AI algorithms.

The goal of a decentralized platform is to give an opportunity to researchers or developers who can develop AI models and algorithms and monetize their AI services.

This platform also aids businesses to avail cost-effective and efficient AI cryptocurrencies for their business operations.

SingularityNET offers AI-based solutions in three categories; cyber security, cloud robotics, and biomedical research.

Participants must be equipped with AFI crypto to buy or sell their AI solutions, and if they receive a bad rating from the seller or buyer, they will lose their AGIX cryptocurrency.

Use Cases

AGI crypto token facilitates AI developers to monetize their models and algorithms and businesses to enjoy exceptional growth by incorporating AI base solutions. In a SingularityNEt platform, you will enjoy the following;

  • A digital marketplace for AI services
  • A decentralized AI-based development
  • An Improved AI accessibility
  • Enhanced Data Privacy
  • Monetization AI models

Although the trading volume and market cap have not significantly increased in the past few days, this digital marketplace is revolutionizing businesses by helping them incorporate AI-focused solutions in their models.


OCEAN is associated with an AI data-sharing project Ocean Protocol. Although BIG data facilitates data sharing of many AI crypto projects in the real world, the lack of security and anonymity is always a concern in Big Data enabled data sharing.

Therefore, the Ocean protocol was designed to offer a decentralized data-sharing platform. This is an Ethereum-based project that incorporates security and better control as a part of the process.

OCEAN is a native token in Ocean Protocol that monetizes the aspects of control, privacy, and security. It facilitates the exchange of datasets between AI model developers and dataset providers.

Developers can access these datasets readily and cost-effectively and use them for training and designing their AI models while providers get to monetize their datasets.

This is one of the best AI crypto coins as it can be staked, creating liquidity for different market datasets.

Use cases

With Ocean Protocol, you can access the following;

  • A data exchange ecosystem with ready AI models
  • A data access platform supporting predictive analytics, NLP, and image recognition
  • An AI development ecosystem focused on blockchain-focused decentralization


Hera token is native to a pathfinder algorithm of the same name. Hera finance is a DeFi-based ecosystem that helps participants target the most efficient and profitable paths for trading in a decentralized economy.

It takes the aid of machine learning algorithms to evaluate the trading volume, liquidity, price, and other data. This may include identifying the most efficient trading pair and an optimum amount of trade that can resist slippage, which is the difference between the actual executed trade price and the expected trade price.

Use Cases

This native token allows the participant to govern their AI crypto projects, share in protocol revenue, and access other DeFi-based services. Moreover, it:

  • Helps in finding the best route for token swapping
  • Helps you find better liquidy by breaking your massive trades in small fractions


SENSO is the in-platform currency of Sensorium Galaxy, a digital and AI-driven metaverse that redefines the way people interact with others and experience entertainment in virtual reality environments.

As the first metaverse inhabited by AI-controlled virtual beings, Sensorium is showcasing the unprecedented capabilities of its generative AI technology, which includes features enabled by OpenAI's GPT-3 model like avatars that are are able to retain long-term memory, engage in seamless conversations with users across an endless stream of topics and ultimately create real relationships.

The technology is also helping power a string of AI DJs and their musical productions, as well as AI historical figures such as Salvador Dali.

Use Cases

This native token is crucial in supporting the Sensorium Galaxy virtual ecosystem, across activities and transactions:

  • In-platform currency: SENSO is the main payment processing system within Sensorium Galaxy’s metaverse. Some of the transactions that can be made with SENSO include the purchasing of avatars and event tickets, accessing on-demand content and acquiring virtual spaces such as a cabin or a plot of land.
  • NFT minting and marketplace: Minting fees are paid with SENSO. NFTs can be listed through the metaverse’s native marketplace, including NFT avatars and user-generated NFT content, further supporting demand for SENSO tokens.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): As part of a fair and inclusive metaverse, users can have a say on key product and community decisions. Depending on their holdings, users can join Sensorium’s Council and enjoy voting rights and submit proposals.

As a decentralized platform, Sensorium Galaxy is leveraging blockchain technology across a wider number of initiatives including its DAPP avatars and UNDER land tokens.

As the platform continues growing and leveraging AI to fuel its virtual and blockchain-based virtual environments, we can expect the SENSO AI token to continue attracting significant attention.


GRT is a token native to The Graph project. The graph is a go-to web3 project intended to quarry data from the likes of the Ethereum network.

Although Graph is not directly related to the deployment of Ai crypto or its services, the developers of AI models can leverage the services provided by Graph as it is a reliable and effective solution for them.

The “subgraphs,” which are Graph’s open APIs, permit data to be organized, transformed, and shared between Web3 applications.

Its services incorporate diverse verticals, such as Big Data, DeFi, AI, and Enterprise Solutions. GRT is an ERC-compatible token that gives users access to Graph services.

Use Cases

Services of Graph, accessible by GRT, are:

  • Secured and decentralized data access.
  • Seamless curation for AI models data, machine learning, and AI algorithms.
  • Facilitation of AI-powered DApps


Artificial liquid intelligence is a native token of Alethea image generator. This image generator works through artificial intelligence to create images by using the data provided by the user.

It creates AI characters such as digital art, advertising tools, as well as gaming characters.

This AI-powered Alethea image generator uses ‘CharacterGPT '', a multimodal AI crypto system that enables the generation of interactive AI characters on the blockchain data.

The data used by the user to create images comprises natural language description, and CharacterGTP performs text-to-character creation.

AI characters exist on blockchain in the form of NFTs, and these NFTs own the AI image generation assets on the protocol.

Use Cases

ALI token enables the governance and incentivization of various participants of AI protocols. These AI crypto tokens help in the generation of AI character NFTs as well as to upgrade them.


CTRX is a native coin of an AI project, “Cortex.” This project leverages the use cases of artificial intelligence in smart contracts. It is the first computer that runs AI-powered dApps on the blockchain platform.

Cortex helps in the execution of on-chain machine learning models by using Cortex Virtual Machine (CTM). In simple terms, the cortex is an open-source platform; it allows seamless access to AI and helps integrate the models with smart contracts and DApps.

You need a CTXC token to pay for computational services within Cortex Virtual Machine. This token is stored in the Cortex wallet provided by the platform and can be traded on any of the supported exchanges.

Use Cases

The cortex ecosystem supports the following use cases:

  • Leveraging the secure AI in DApps
  • Supporting buying and selling of AI models
  • Serving as a marketplace for AI data

Closing Thoughts

This sums up our best AI crypto tokens list. These tokens are worth your attention with amazing use cases and exceptional market cap.

AI crypto is not just about end-user benefits. Artificial intelligence continuously evolves in crypto and facelifted blockchain data systems.

Numerous projects incorporate artificial intelligence in their cryptocurrencies, but some stand out in their performance, use cases, and development.

From providing secure AI crypto datasets and facilitating a digital marketplace to offering autonomous agents for digital economies and making accurate financial predictions, top artificial intelligence solutions are there for crypto holders who are becoming more intelligent with the passage of time.

When a new blockchain technology grabs your attention, understand how it incorporates artificial intelligence and how the tokens perform in the digital platform.

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