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Meme Battle of Sensorians - Season 4
Sensorians unite - the Grand Meme Battle is back! We’re launching a new Meme Battle: Summer season 2023 to give our incredible community of Sensorians an opportunity to show their creativity and make some laugh around. Let’s have fun and win some SENSO! ## Timeline - Selection Round: August 2 - 10 (Until 16:00 UTC) - Voting for 10 finalists: August 10 - 15 (Until 16:00 UTC) - Voting for 3 top leaders: August 15 - 17 (Until 16:00 UTC) - Winner announcement: August 17 ## Judging During the selection round, the 10 best memes will be handpicked by our team in a closed vote. Next up, a public poll will be held in our English Telegram chat, where our community of Sensorians will have the chance to choose the best meme out of the 10 finalists. Then there comes the time for the final vote for the winner from the 3 leaders' board. ## Entry requirements - Fill in this Google form. - Retweet the pinned post from SENSO’s Twitter account. - A meme picture must be posted to the English Telegram chat with the hashtag #SENSO_Memebattle4. - Only one meme can be submitted per account. (Do not submit memes which participated in the previous Meme Battle Seasons. Images must be new.) - English only. We want everyone to be able to understand the memes so that we can all enjoy them the same way. - The image and text must be easy to understand. PNG and JPEG formats are accepted. (No GIF) - Pro tip: To better your odds, it’s worth making sure your memes are directly related to the Sensorium VR worlds’ lore, our AI avatars, NFT collection drop, our incredible AI DJs or SENSO token. ## No-nos - Plagiarism: submitting the same meme more than once. - Submitting more than one meme per participant. - Cheating and contributing to a fake vote volume in the open poll. - Offensive or obscene content, religious themes, nudity, etc. ## Total prize pool: 4600 SENSO - 1st place: 1,500 SENSO - 2d place: 1000 SENSO - 3d place: 700 SENSO - Remaining 7 finalists: 200 SENSO Looking forward to seeing all the brilliant memes from our community of Sensorians. Good luck!
Sensorium Successfully Completes First Mint Stage Of The SENSO DAPP Avatar Collection
We’re proud to announce that Sensorium has successfully completed the first mint stage of our first-ever NFT Drop, with the official launch of the SENSO Dapp Avatar collection. As part of the drop, which took place between July 20-22, we made available 1000 exclusive AI-driven avatars that were free to mint for whitelisted SENSO holders. The event was warmly welcomed by our community: over 1000 users were whitelisted, more than 6000 wallets were connected, and some 700 SENSO Dapp NFT avatars were sold, while qualified users minted 300 tokens for free. The SENSO DAPP avatars have been long in the making and are designed with utility and functionality in mind as our NFTs can be used to play SENSO DAPP card games or as a unique skin in the Sensorium Galaxy VR metaverse. As next-generation tokens, however, we expect to widen their capabilities in the near future. The collection’s second drop is scheduled for September and we will be releasing more details shortly. But one thing is for sure and that is that our community members and NFT holders can expect to enjoy a wide range of perks, including exclusive discounts for future events, membership initiatives and access to holders-only VR spaces.
Minting Guide: 5 Steps To Get Your Sensorium NFT Avatar
Ready to get your first Sensorium avatar. Excited? You should be. No matter how much of an NFT veteran you are, it’s always good to have a fresh guide at hand and avoid pressing the wrong buttons. In this quick guide, we’ve summarized the 5 steps you should follow to get hold of a brand new SENSO DAPP avatar. Have a look. ## Step 1: Sync Your Metamask Wallet
How To Claim Free Sensorium NFTs And Buy More Using Polygon
As we’re fast approaching our first drop (missed the details? no problem, read it all here), we’ve put together this short and easy-to-follow guide to help you get your hands on one of our exclusive NFTs. TL;DR - Top-up your balance: To enter the drop, you must have a minimum balance of 1,500 SENSO tokens. Transfer SENSO from any exchange to Metamask on the Ethereum blockchain and remember to do it before July 11. - Claim your free NFT: Minting will be on July 18. If you’ve met the SENSO balance requirements, you get to claim one SENSO DAPP avatar for free! And while we all like freebies, our free claim will be on a first-come-first-served basis. - Switch to Polygon, buy more! You might feel tempted to get more than one DAPP avatar. Thanks to our integration with Polygon, you can purchase more NFT avatars using your SENSO tokens with zero fees.
## How To Claim A Free NFT Avatar Step 1: Withdraw SENSO from any cryptocurrency exchange to your Metamask wallet. Fees may apply during this transaction.
Sensorium's First-Ever NFT Drop: Avatars Collection
Sensorium is thrilled to announce our first-ever NFT drop - the SENSO DAPP Avatars collection. We're launching an exclusive collection of 10,000 AI-powered avatars that will be made available to our community as part of a multi-stage event. The best part? If you're a SENSO holder with at least 1,500 tokens, you can mint your avatar for free! ## How Does The Drop Work? - Each avatar in the collection will be minted on the Polygon blockchain using SENSO tokens. To get involved, you'll need to transfer a minimum of 1,500 SENSO from any exchange (KuCoin, Gate, etc.) to a cold wallet (Metamask) on the Ethereum blockchain before July 11th. Please note, there may be fees involved in this transfer. - On July 18th, you'll need to switch your cold wallet network to Polygon and mint your avatar using the same address, all without needing any MATIC tokens. All minting fees are on us!
Sensorium Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with iMe
We are pleased to announce that Sensorium is entering a strategic partnership with iMe, the leading multifunctional client, powered by API Telegram with built-in tools, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Wallet and Blockchain. Moving forward, both companies will be exploring the integration of each other’s technologies into their respective platforms, and supporting the development of a wide ranging initiatives aimed at furthering DeFi and crypto potentialities. As part of the collaboration, Sensorium will be launching a SENSO staking program within iMe’s ecosystem and embarking on a range of joint community-focused events. Some of the other activities Sensorium and iMe may consider as part of the newly signed agreement include the creation of a virtual museum and gallery featuring iMe assets, and the integration of Sensorium Chain capabilities and NFT services by iMe. “We’re thrilled to welcome iMe as our latest partner, marking another milestone in the expansion of Sensorium’s Web3 ecosystem. iMe is bringing to Sensorium its robust DeFi and blockchain-enabled capabilities, allowing our combined user base to perform crypto transactions seamlessly and now also over the Telegram messaging ecosystem. We believe in making SENSO an intuitive, safe and hassle free experience for all Sensorium users and partnering with iMe will undoubtedly bring those benefits to our community and beyond,” explains Alex Firsov, Sensorium’s Chief Web3 officer. The collaboration with iMe comes on the back of our recent unveiling of Sensorium Arc, an upcoming decentralized platform entirely dedicated to hosting both company-owned and third-party Web3 products and assets, as well as its updated SENSO tokenomics.
New SENSO Tokenomics: Enhanced Use Cases with Jay Hao's Expertise
Discover the evolution of SENSO token from being an in-game currency to a multi-purpose asset (membership card) that allows holders to access exclusive NFT drops, meme coins, and other valuable benefits within the Sensorium ecosystem, guided by the expertise of former OKX CEO Jay Hao. We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our updated tokenomics and a new direction for SENSO token within Sensorium's ecosystem as we keep expanding our ambitions. We’ve come a long way since first introducing SENSO and our new strategy is a reflection of the direction we want to follow as well as a way of creating a closer engagement with our community. Jay Hao, a leading cryptocurrency expert and member of Sensorium's Expert Advisory Board, has played a vital role in shaping our tokenomics to enhance value and drive growth across our Web3 platforms. Speaking on this contribution, Jay noted that “by broadening the use cases of the SENSO token, we are contributing to a new paradigm of reward and inclusivity for the SENSO community while also helping Sensorium unlock the true potential of Web3 and blockchain technology.”
Important Announcement: Move Your SENSO Tokens Off Hotbit Exchange
Dear SENSO Community, We are writing to inform you about a critical development that may affect SENSO token holders. Hotbit, an exchange that currently lists SENSO, recently announced its decision to cease all Centralized Exchange (CEX) operations from May 22nd, UTC 04:00. Users are required to withdraw their assets from Hotbit before June 21st, UTC 04:00, as detailed in their official statement. As such, if you currently hold SENSO tokens on Hotbit, we urgently recommend transferring your tokens to another exchange where SENSO is listed to prevent any loss or inconvenience. The following exchanges continue to support SENSO: 1. KuCoin 2. HitBTC 3. BitForex 4. Bitcoin.com 5. Poloniex 6. MEXC 7. Bittrex 8. Gate.io Please begin the process of moving your SENSO tokens as soon as possible, considering the timeframes and any potential fees involved in the transfer process. We understand this is an unexpected development, and we're here to provide any assistance you might need during this transition. You can reach out to us through our official Telegram channel. Please note that our moderators will never ask for private information or request funds concerning your assets. Always ensure that you are interacting with official Sensorium representatives to safeguard your assets. For questions specific to Hotbit's closure, please direct your inquiries to Hotbit's support team. We appreciate your understanding and immediate action on this matter. As we navigate this situation, we remain committed to the continual growth of our ecosystem and the betterment of our community. Thank you for your ongoing support.
Sensorium Burns $500,000 Worth of SENSO Tokens Following Private NFT Land Sale
2023 has been a busy year for us, with major updates to our Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, the development of new Web3 projects and major crypto moves. Earlier this month, we held an early-stage NFT land sale connected to Sensorium’s P2E metaland project - UNDER - with private investors snapping up the land parcels. Following the sale, Sensorium burnt $500,000 worth of SENSO tokens (Reference exchange rate: $0.10) as we continue our efforts to support the health of our ecosystem's tokenomics. UNDER land parcels are scheduled to become available for the general public over the coming months under a multi-stage drop scheme. The first drop will include 2500 NFT parcels and all transactions are settled in SENSO. Ownership of UNDER NFT land enables users to monetize their blockchain gaming experience in Sensorium’s decentralized platform. Each NFT land comes with resources that can be mined by their owners with multiple game mechanics. SENSO is key to supporting all operations within Sensorium’ platforms, including being our in-platform currency and being used across NFT minting, NFT marketplace transactions, game mechanics, social tokens and empowering users to become a part of Sensorium Galaxy’s DAO for creators. "Burning tokens is one of the key aspects of maintaining a healthy tokenomics ecosystem within cryptocurrency projects. By reducing the overall supply of tokens and increasing the demand, we hope that our burning initiative can have a positive effect on SENSO while also raising interest for the token”, adds Alex Firsov, Sensorium's Chief Web3 Officer Sensorium’s latest major burn was at the end of 2021, with the company burning 1 billion SENSO, leaving the total supply of SENSO at the time at 700 million tokens. All changes to our supply can be easily monitored via Etherscan.
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