Sensorium To Burn 1B SENSO; Cutting Supply To 200M SENSO

Black Friday, Christmas, New Year… A lot of parties (and gifts) coming up soon. And while all these occasions are still weeks ahead, we are already setting up the tone with an important announcement. By the end of December, we’ll be burning 1 billion SENSO out of the current 1.7 billion total supply.

With this new token burn, the total supply of SENSO will stand at 700 million SENSO. It’s also important to note that 500 million SENSO will be locked for digital assets in-game sales, leaving the token's active supply at 200 million.

The circulating supply, which stands for the assets currently available in the market and in the general public’s hands, remains at an estimated 66+ million SENSO.

We believe this supply adjustment will be instrumental in supporting the evolution and expansion of our entire ecosystem and ensure healthier tokenomics as Sensorium Galaxy approaches its global launch in the coming months.

This token burn will be handled in a single transaction, just like with our previous burn. A token burn, in case you are not familiar with the term, refers to the permanent destruction of tokens. Simply put, we send tokens to a special, fully inaccessible ‘black hole’ wallet.

Back in April 2021, we burned nearly 70% of the minted SENSO supply or 4.2 billion tokens. That operation reduced the existing supply of our tokens to 1.7 billion SENSO.

All changes to our supply can be easily monitored via Etherscan.

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