How To play DeFi Kingdoms? How To Get Started [Beginner guide]

GamingDec 9, 2022
How to play DeFi Kingdoms

The steady growth within the blockchain sphere allows users to interact with each other in a peer-to-peer manner in a decentralized world. Aside from the trading of cryptocurrencies, blockchain is opening doors for smart-contract functionally, decentralized spaces, Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, and much more.

Over the last year, millions have jumped on the blockchain gaming bandwagon and the universe is expanding at a rapid pace. While there are limited options on the market, players are making the most of the opportunities presented in front of them and using their unique NFTs for monetary gains through P2E games.

Most recently, the MMORPG genre of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming universe received an excellent addition in the shape of DeFi Kingdoms. Known for its medieval nostalgic and artistic gameplay in a 2D manner, DeFi Kingdoms depicts the story of a torn world which has suffered from all sorts of horrors but, you must unite the realms against the enemies and restore them to their original glory.

And while you’re off fighting the most vicious monsters, there’s some money to be made here since DeFi Kingdoms employ Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics. Our roundup today provides a comprehensive guide on how to play DeFi Kingdoms since there's too much depth to the game.

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is the first-of-its-kind MMORPG-style P2E game that is based on the Harmony Protocol blockchain. It features medieval settings with a variety of elements that open up alleyways for monetary gains. Since it is an MMORPG, DeFi Kingdoms features a variety of quests that players can complete using their heroes.

Heroes are the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the DeFi Kingdoms universe and they will be responsible for completing all the quests on hand. Each completed quest would reward the player with JEWEL and CRYSTAL tokens which are native to the universe. JEWEL acts as both the governance token as well as the utility token while CRYSTAL token only acts as the utility token within specific areas of the game.

Players are highly dependent on Heroes to interact with the PVP and PVE models of the game. And since DeFi Kingdom has an in-house marketplace that can be accessed through ‘Tavern’, players can own Heroes whenever they like. The in-house marketplace also enables the players to sell their heroes on the market to turn a profit.

DeFi Kingdoms is still in its infancy and will continue to receive updates from the developers of the game. Most recently, the Crystalevale realm was introduced which enabled the players to roam around an alternate world and explore more exciting opportunities. In the coming months, developers plan to deploy the PVP and PVE modes of the game along with an expansion of another realm, Serendale 2.0.

How to start playing DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a browser-based P2E game that requires its players to only have an internet connection along with a Web3-supported browser on their devices. Moreover, a crypto-supported wallet is also a requirement before you could start your journey into the magical realm and explore its lucrative opportunities.

Setting up a wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet will be required before playing DeFi Kingdoms because players will need to trade the native tokens of the game for essential resources such as Heroes. MetaMask is one of the best choices these days and comes highly recommended. In case you’re new to this lore of the crypto world, here’s how to set up a MetaMask wallet and fund your account:

  1. Download and Install the MetaMask wallet extension and create an account.
  2. Use any decentralized exchange on the market and add some cryptocurrencies to your account.
  3. Now, click on the MetaMask extension and click on “Add Network”.
  4. Insert this data to add the Harmony network to the wallet:

Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
Chain ID: 1666600000
Currency Symbol (Optional): ONE
Block Explorer URL (Optional):

  1. The last step is to purchase One currency from the DEX to be able to interact with the Defi protocols of DFK and start your journey.

Purchasing Hero

Heroes are the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the DFK ecosystem and players have to acquire them to be able to complete various tasks. These Heroes NFTs can be purchased from an in-house marketplace that is located inside the Tavern building.

Heroes have varying abilities and unique attributes that set them apart. Some Heroes have higher stamina and can meet the requirements of the quests. Others have higher Mana Points, Hitpoints, and Strength, leading to a phenomenal performance in a combat situation.

Higher-level Heroes can be purchased from the marketplace, however, they can be quite expensive. Before going on a shopping spree, research the Heroes that are currently listed on the market to make sure that you’re spending your money on the right NFTs.

Moving on, JEWEL, the native currency of DFK, will be required to purchase Heroes and other NFTs from the marketplace. And since DFK has an in-house decentralized exchange, players can convert their pre-existing cryptocurrency into JEWEL to purchase NFTs. There’s a specific marketplace within the ecosystem of DFK where players can interact with the trader to gain JEWEL tokens.

Intro to the DeFi Kingdoms Gameplay

DeFi Kingdoms employs smart-contract functionality and enables players to engage with all sorts of crypto-backed activities including liquidity pools and staking. However, such engagements within the P2E ecosystem have led to a decline in the popularity of the game since casual gamers who aren’t familiar with the concept of smart functionality distract themselves from such titles.

DeFi Kingdoms, aside from all the geeky stuff happening, also offers players to engage with MMO elements of the game to earn JEWEL for a living. There are Training and Profession quests that players can take part in to keep themselves entertained. The P2E models of the game are mainly based on the earnings generated through completing these quests and selling the Heroes (NFTs) on the marketplace.

Intro to the DeFi Kingdoms Gameplay

Training Quests

Training Quests allow the players to engage with various elements of the game and complete different challenges to earn rewards in the shape of gold and a slight chance of Shvas Runes. By completing each training quest, the Heroes will receive some experience points which would contribute to their value and increase various attributes.

All the gold that you win through these quests can be used for utility purposes and players can purchase various items from the trader. Adding to the role-playing elements, DFK features many characters including Arnold, Orvin, Layla, and many others characters who would offer you different sorts of quests to increase the chance of winning the gold and maximize your engagement with the ecosystem of DFK.

Profession Quests

Profession is one of the most important locations within the DFK ecosystem since it offers players to engage with Fishing, Forging, Gardening, and Mining quests. All the resources that are found from completing these quests aid the players in various different roles. For instance, fishing can offer you resources that can be used to purchase special potions, helping you beat other quests and do well in the PVE and PVP modes of the game.

All the resources hatched from this section of the game can be used to trade for JEWEL points which players can redeem into their real-world pockets. But before you go all gun-blazing, keep in mind that each quest has its own requirements which must be met first and you will need at least 4 Heroes in your arsenal to be able to do well in all Profession quests.

Adventure quests will soon be added to the game which would also offer rewards for the players. However, at the moment, the developers behind DFK have not revealed the time frame of when these lucrative quests will be added to the ecosystem of DeFi Kingdoms.

Locations in DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms feature a handful of locations and each one has its own purpose. Players will need to educate and familiarize themselves with these locations to keep a tab on everything happening within the ecosystem. And also explore more opportunities for monetary gains. From in-house decentralized exchanges to the marketplace for trading NFTs, everything can be found within one of these locations.


The Tavern is the in-house marketplace of DeFi Kingdoms and players can come here to purchase and sell valuable Heroes. At Tavern, players will find an Agent, Barkeep, and other NPCs that would be vital to the economy of the game. To view the Heroes catalog, players can interact with the Barkeep to keep themselves updated on the hottest Heroes of the realm.

The agent can be interacted with if a player wants to purchase or sell NFTs from the native marketplace of DFK. Similarly, players can hire Heroes for summoning as well through the Agent. Moreover, keep in mind that each Hero within the ecosystem are non-fungible tokens (NFT) and once a player has purchased them, they will be forever linked to the player’s account, giving them complete digital ownership over the assets.


Marketplace represents the decentralized exchange (DEX) within the ecosystem of DFK. Players can visit the marketplace and interact with various NPCs for trading assets. As mentioned above, JEWEL is the native token of the universe and players will need to have JEWEL tokens in their wallet to purchase heroes from the marketplace.

The Marketplace enables its players to interact with the Harmony blockchain and convert their pre-existing cryptocurrencies into JEWEL. Similarly, Marketplace also hosts NPCs that allow you to change your profile picture and reward you with gold after completing profession quests within the ecosystem.


Garden within the ecosystem represents the liquidity pools within the ecosystem. This is offered within the ecosystem to grab the attention of crypto enthusiasts and open alleyways for them to explore earning opportunities. However, these sorts of things are often found to be too complicated by a casual gamer and hence, the decline in popularity of NFT-based games.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well is one of the central locations within the ecosystem since it offers Gaia’s tears to the players. Players can interact with the wishing well and complete various quests to get their hands on Gaia’s tears later used for summoning or minting new heroes. Players who wish to mint new heroes will require some Gaia’s tears to complete the process. Without them, it would not be possible to mint a new non-fungible token (NFT). Aside from Wishing Well, Gaia’s tears can also be purchased from the DEX or earned by completing mining quests at Profession.


Portal is the location where players can go to summon or mint new heroes to add them to their arsenal. Players will find Arch Druid and Summoner at the Portal. The function of Arch Druid is to allow players to select the two required heroes and determine the gas fees required to start the minting process. Afterward, players will interact with the summoner to complete the process.

By using the Portal location, players can mint new heroes but they must first have 2 heroes in their arsenal. If a player has only one hero, they can rent one out from the marketplace or ask a friend to share the hero. Similarly, the attributes of the parent heroes also matter and determine the statistics of the newly-minted hero. To make sure that the offspring is valuable, it is vital to choose high-class parent heroes.


Docks act as the bridge between cross-chain protocols which enables players to interact and trade between different blockchains and networks. DFK incorporates the AnySwap protocols to further increase the interoperability of the universe and expand the network. Players can use the docks to roam around the blockchain network and trade all sorts of non-fungible tokens.

DeFi Kingdoms Tokenomics

DeFi Kingdoms uses JEWEL as its governance and utility token. However, after the expansion of Crystalvale, a new power token was introduced as well. Currently, JEWEL is the token that is currently used for various purposes since the expansion is in its infancy and it will be some time before the metaverse has matured for the adaptation of a second power token.

What is the $JEWEL token?

$JEWEL is the native token of the DeFi Kingdom metaverse and it is also used within the ecosystem for governance and utility purposes. Players can purchase NFTs and other supplies using the $JEWEL token within the metaverse. Later on, guilds will be a part of the game in order to implement the decentralized means of governance, and $JEWEL token holders will be able to contribute to the game through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

$JEWEL tokens will also be rewarded to the players after completing various quests. Currently, a PVP and PVE model isn’t available to the players. However, down the line, when such features are made part of the game, high-performing players will be able to reap the rewards in the shape of $JEWEL tokens.

The $JEWEL token has a limited supply of 500,000,000 tokens with a majority of the portion allocated towards development funds, marketing funds, liquidity pools, in-game rewards, and air-drops.

What is $Crystal Token?

CRYSTAL token acts as the utility token for the expansion of the game, the DFK: Crystalvale. This token is used to purchase NFTs, contribute to the liquidity pools, and interact with other DeFi protocols. $CRYSTAL token has a total supply of 125,000,000 tokens, making it ¼ the size of $JEWEL token.

In the future, $CRYSTAL tokens will be used for governance tokens as well, making it crucial to the economy of the game and officially making DFK an entity with dual-token tokenomics. Moreover, the $CRYSTAL token can be acquired using the in-game DEX.

How to play and earn money with DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is a browser-based game and players can enjoy the offerings of the entity after signing up and connecting their wallet to the ecosystem of DFK. Afterward, players can interact with many different aspects of the game to begin their lucrative journey. The pixel-art style of DFK contains profession quests that players can interact with straight away to gain rewards.

However, since the game is in its infancy, PVE and PVP modes of gaming are yet not available, which limits the activities of the player. As of now, players can purchase NFTs from the marketplace, complete various quests to level up their heroes, and sell them on the market for a living.

Moreover, summoning or minting new heroes is also another prominent method of making a living. Using two Heroes, players can mint new heroes and sell them on the market. Similarly, passive methods of earning options in the game can also be explored for earning opportunities but, you have to be a crypto-geek to be able to do well.

In the coming days, DFK is also introducing land parcels that players can purchase and develop. These land parcels also present an opportunity for players to invest early on in the game and sell the real estate later on to earn some profits.

What are the DeFi Kingdoms NFTs?

Heroes are vital to the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem and these can be purchased from the in-house marketplace of DFK. Using the Tavern, players can trade these NFT Heroes and use them in the gameplay for various quests and interactions. Each hero has his own attributes and performs his duties accordingly. At the moment, since combat gameplay isn’t available, the skills of the heroes are focused on profession quests.

Players need to purchase 4 heroes early on to be able to perform all the profession quests. As mentioned above, Mining, Gardening, Forging, and Fishing quests are made available to the players. Each of these quests has specific hero requirements and players must purchase the hero accordingly. For instance, some quests heavily rely on the hero's stamina cost and if the hero is lacking the stats, they won't be able to complete the quest.

Further down the line and as a part of the roadmap laid by the developers, Land NFTs will also be introduced in the DFK metaverse. Players will be able to trade these NFTs from the native marketplace. All the assets that the player will purchase from the marketplace will be under their complete digital ownership.

How to buy NFTs on DeFi Kingdoms

All the NFTs in DeFi Kingdoms can be purchased through Tavern. If a player wants to purchase an NFT, they can interact with Agent Selina and purchase the most valuable NFT from the marketplace. Prior to the interaction, connecting your wallet and having sufficient funds is a necessity. Once you have the funds, interact with Agent and click on “Buy Heroes” and you will be redirected to the marketplace. From there, players can browse and purchase any hero they want.

How to sell NFTs on DeFi Kingdoms

NFT sales on DeFi Kingdoms are also sold using the Tavern location. Players will need to interact with Agent Selina, an NPC character, to gain access to the marketplace and list the hero that they want to sell. Players can choose the price of their NFTs and once the NFT is sold, the player will receive the funds in their wallets that will be generated from the sale of the NFT. Lastly, Tavern is also used to rent heroes for summoning a new hero.

DeFi Kingdoms FAQ

Can you play DeFi Kingdoms for free?

DeFi Kingdoms is free to play, however, players will need to own at least one hero NFTs to be able to interact with varier play-to-earn (P2E) activities within the ecosystem. Similarly, a minimum of two heroes are needed to mint a new hero NFT.

What wallet do I need for DeFi kingdoms?

MetaMask wallet is the ideal choice for DeFi Kingdoms since it is quite safe and can be used universally. The funds in the player’s MetaMask wallet can be used on other blockchains, making it the most ideal choice. Furthermore, if someone is not in awe of using MetaMask, they can always use Brave wallet as well.

Can you play DeFi Kingdom on mobile?

Yes, DeFi Kingdoms can be played on Android and iPhone devices using the built-in browsers at your own risk. Since there isn’t a native application available, mobile players will have to rely on browsers to be able to play the game. However, to be able to fully enjoy the MMORPG experience of DeFi Kingdoms, a PC is recommended.

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