Chat With An AI Avatar And Win A Share Of The 3000 SENSO Prize Pool

Sensorium ArcSep 23, 2022
Chat with AI avatar in the Mobile app

Chatting for hours on end, taking AR for a spin to create incredible dance moves, and unlocking next-level companionships with AI avatars… You already know that our Sensorium mobile app packs quite the punch, but now we’re excited to be launching a contest to reward our most dedicated users - and those wanting to join us, too.

Excited to know more? Great. Let’s get right down to it.

How Do I Participate?

It’s super simple, we promise!

Step #1

Download the Sensorium mobile App:


*If you have our app already installed, make sure you're up to date with the latest version released.
** Discover all the features you can explore with the Sensorium mobile app (AI text chat, video talk, AR mode, dancing and much more).

Step #2

Register, create your avatar and go to the “Chat” mode.

Step #3

Ask a question or experiment with a creative prompt, in English, via the text chat. Your new friend will surely have fun talking to you no matter what, but try to be as imaginative as possible. You can use emojis!


Step #4

Take 2 screenshots (maximum) of your dialogue and post them in one message to our global community on Telegram. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #SENSO_AIchat_contest

Here's an example:

Step #5

Retweet the pinned post from SENSO’s Twitter account.

Step #6

Fill in this Google form.


Contest dates: September 23 - September 30. Contest winners will be announced until October 7. SENSO token rewards will be distributed until October 28.

Terms and conditions

Entry requirements:

  • One submission per user account.
  • It’s important that you follow all the required steps and fill in the Google form.
  • The chat screenshots must be posted in Sensorium Telegram chat with the hashtag #SENSO_AIchat_contest.
  • English only. We want everyone to be able to understand the dialogues being shared, so that we can all enjoy them the same way and crack up a laugh (or two).
  • Screenshots and text must be easy to read.
  • The text from the dialogue you've shared should make sense to its reader.
  • Chat only about appropriate topics, do not verbally abuse the avatars and be respectful. Avoid using offensive or obscene content, religious themes, nudity, etc.

Final Prize

Prize pool: 3000 SENSO tokens
Total winners: 20 users*
Reward per winner: 150 SENSO tokens

  • A maximum 20 winners will be validated and chosen from the list of all participants if they complete all the steps correctly. In case there are more than 20 validated participants, the final winners list of 20 will be chosen randomly from all qualified users.

Good luck to everyone!

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